3 Ways to Remove Photos from LG Phones


LG phones have been serving countless customers for the past decade with its auspicious features and remarkable sight capturing designs. Thus it is quite obvious for users to fall for it instantly. Now suppose you are capturing images with your LG phone, the images that are stored on your LG phones are completely your personal assets which you would never wish to share with anyone else. Now if you decide to sell your device to someone or lend it to any of your family members or friends without deleting those images off your device, there is a high risk that these images could be exploited or misused no matter how intimate that person is to you.

Thus, it is essential to erase all those images completely from your device before handing it over to someone else. This article is all about the methods which would guide you to delete images from your device without much of technical difficulty.

Carry on with your reading to accomplish the tasks with ease.

Method #1: Erase Images using Built-in Deletion feature

Every phone has its inbuilt feature by default which enables users to delete images from the device without the need of any third-party tools and this is what we are going to discuss here in this article. Go through the steps below to know the methods in details:

Step 1. Switch on your LG device first and open the Gallery App.

Step 2. Tap on the images that you have decided to delete from your device one by one or together by creating a thread and finally after your selection tap on the “Trash” icon upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3. Press the “Delete all images” from the pop up to confirm the deletion.

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And it’s done! Now you don’t need to worry while selling or handing over the device to someone else.


  • It might take a lot of time while deleting images one by one.
  • The deleted images can be retrieved using powerful data recovery tools.

Method #2: Erase Images with Factory Reset

This method basically deals with entirely formatting the LG device with Factory Reset to delete all the images. The method is very simple and does not require even the slightest technical skills. The steps for the following method are laid out as follows:

Step 1. Switch on your LG phone.

Step 2. Tap on “Menu’ icon and open the “Settings” option.

Step 3. Now go to the “Personal” tab and tap on “Backup & Reset” button. If you are asked you can enter your PIN or Password if need be.

Step 4. Press “Factory Data Reset” and you will be shown a whole lot of data on the screen from which you can choose manually which images you wish to erase off your device.

Step 5. Press “Reset Device” and then “Delete Everything” option that follows.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\33\factory-reset-from-settings.jpg


  • In addition to deleting your images, it also deletes your messages, contact lists, etc, which you might not wish to happen.
  • The erase images can be restored at any time using certain data recovery utilities.

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Method #3: Erase Images using Safewiper

Safewiper is an amazing data erasing tool available on the Internet market. if you wish for a guaranteed and expected result, then depending upon Safewiper would never go in vain. It has verified by testing it with all kinds of Smartphones, like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc. so you can relax with its functionality with your LG device as well.

Safewiper working for LG Phones:

Step 1. Download the program file on a spare working computer and install it following the right procedures.

Step 2. From the main UI window, choose the “Erase Private Data” option.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\33\z.JPG

Step 3. Now connect your LG device to either Windows or Mac computer.

Step 4. Enable USB debugging in your LD device by going to the following location:

Settings> Developers Options> USB Debugging

Step 5. The software will start scanning your device that might take few minutes and will display all the contents stored in your device.

Step 6. Go to the “Photos” section on the left-hand side and choose your images from the panel on the right-hand side and click on “Erase” button to commence the deletion process.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\33\sss.JPG

Step 7. The process will take some time but remember to keep your device connected to the computer while the deletion process continues.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\33\f.JPG


Deleting images from your Smartphone is a noticeable demand when you are just about to sell your device to someone unknown. There are several methods that can be employed which can be employed to delete the images but using Safewiper would be the wisest decision if you are looking for a guaranteed result.

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