4 Ideas for Consolidating Your Technology


The number of gadgets currently out there on the market is, at best, mind-boggling. You will get gadgets for just about anything you have in mind! While some devices measure your blood pressure, others allow you to read your favourite book in e-format, and many others just about do it all.

Everyone likes to have the latest and greatest gadgets at home, in the car or in the office, but there comes a point when you realize you simply have too much going on – technology wise. However, what should you keep and what should you get rid of? Here are a few ideas for consolidating your technology gadgets – and stay sane!

Use Your Desktop as a Server


While this is going to sound controversial, but as far as most people are concerned, the best solution will be to ditch the desktop computer and use the laptop or tablet. Some people require a laptop for specific purposes, but many others don’t need the power offered by a full computer on the go. If you employ this idea, you will not have any problems.

Use your desktop device as a personal server for holding all your files and media. You can use apps on your tablet or smartphone to connect back to the computer whenever you need to access content that’s there. The best thing about this strategy is that you get to leave your media server (the desktop) at home; carrying a laptop with all your content everywhere you go makes it a poor server.

If you don’t intend or plan on getting a tablet, you can do the opposite. Get a laptop and ditch your desktop. Most laptops on the market today are nearly as powerful as their older cousins the desktop and they will provide everything you require from a computer.

Use GPS on a Smartphone

If you have a smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or any of its iOS counterparts, you don’t need to get a GPS. If you don’t have a smartphone and require GPS, get a tablet or smartphone with 4G connectivity. Numerous GPS apps for smartphones and tablets work much better or just as well as their standalone devices, and at a reduced price.

While the tablet’s or phone’s initial cost is greater, it’s easily offset when you consider there is much more you can do with it than with a GPS unit. If worried about data usage while abroad, there are several apps that will let you download all the navigational data you need before you leave for a trip.

A Digital Camera on Your Smartphone


The digital camera in your home is another device that has been replaced by smartphones. The quality on devices like the iPhone is often high enough that most people will not be able to distinguish photos from a phone or a consumer-level camera. Of course, photographers will not replace their SLRs for phone cameras, but a day is coming when point-and-shoot cameras will end.

E-Book Reader on a Tablet

While an eBook reader sounds like it’s easily replaceable with a tablet, here’s a controversial idea; there’s still room for both devices in your tech collection! Tablets may have apps that allow you to read eBooks, but there’s something about the experience that is special to a Nook, Kindle or any other e-reader. Reading books on your iPad is great, but the weight of holding the device can be uncomfortable – especially after a long reading binge – plus, the e-ink on the e-reader is legible outdoors and at the beach.

However, it’s important that you consider the use of different gadgets to make them more efficient rather than consolidating them.

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