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Taking a critical look at the way technology has helped everyone within a few years back, we’ll realize that it has positively affected so many areas. A few years back, many people had ordinary cell phones mostly for calling with limited functionality and features. With these cell phones, you could only receive or make calls, send and receive messages on it as the case may be. In the recent years, the whole scenario changes and now, there have been advancements in mobile phone technology at a very unbelievable pace.

With the use of mobile phones now, you can make your choice from an impressive range of phones, functionality, features, and capabilities. Mobile phones have gone beyond sending or receiving messages and making calls. In today use of mobile phones, there are lots of fantastic applications you can install for further enhancements and functionality of your mobile device.

The advent of mobile phones in today technology has significantly revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends, families, colleagues, official cycles and social media. This new generation of mobile phones uses the internet connections to transmit and send messages from the mobile phones, in the actual sense, making it a free service with the possibilities of being easily accessible on the go. Below, we shall take a look at some of the ten best messaging App that you can use.

1. WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009, and over the years, WhatsApp has dramatically gained more than 60 million users in the world. The platform through which WhatsApp works is pretty simple and user-friendly. To use this App, you will need to associate your mobile phone number with your mobile Android, and iOS device. This will make it uniquely identify you with your mobile phone number on its network and automatically add up the contact information of your contacts on your mobile phones. After it has successfully scanned your contact list, it will then provide you with a list of all the WhatsApp users.

Apart from the fact that this mobile app is great for texting, you can quickly send images, documents, videos, songs, audio messages, and screenshots through the internet using this mobile App on your internet enabled device. It was recently discovered that Whatsapp handles an over 10 billion messages every day. One of the best advantages of using this mobile App is the fact that it doesn’t host any form of advertisement, and yet, it is a free service that can be used by everyone.

2. Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has immensely gained lots of attention, and as a matter of fact, it is the most visited social media platform today, and this has made Facebook keep developing their platform for the benefit of the users on a daily basis with latest trends, information, and fantastic views. Facebook also has a simple tool called Facebook messenger used to send private messages to people who also use Facebook on their different networks.

Due to its large number of users and popularities, Facebook took it upon themselves to launch Facebook Messenger App as a different messaging App tool on IOS, Android, and almost all internet-enabled devices. This is the foundation of the famous Facebook Messenger. With this App, you can easily chat with friends, loved ones, colleagues, and business partners by adding them to your Facebook friends or list by creating an exceptionally well opportunity to integrate easily on the web using the mobile App version of this messaging App.

3. Google Hangout

At first, Hangout was initially introduced as a video or conferencing App having a very tight integration with Google network and Google+.

However, in the recent years, there have been a merge of Google talk and Google voice applications with the Hangouts making this App a unified messaging App cutting across all the Google Talk, Voice application and hangout itself. This mobile texting app can work efficiently on Smartphones, Android, and iOS mobile tools. And with this mobile App, you can easily switch between the texts modes to a video chatting platform with a high resolution.

4. WeChat

WeChat is actually from the Asian organization, and in the recent years, it has dramatically revolutionized the messaging and texting industry. WeChat is a type of messaging App that supports different languages making it a top-notch among other Android users who are not English speakers. Apart from its text-based ability, it supports group conference, voice messaging, social media plugins and a host of other functions.

5. Viber

Viber is one of the most popular mobile Applications that automatically add all your contacts just like WhatsApp. This mobile app allows sending stickers, emoticons, and has a great messaging platform for text. On this app, you can easily share videos, voice calls, and pictures. With Viber, making calls on the go regardless of your geographical location is made possible; in fact, you can make free international and domestic calls using this mobile texting App.

6. Snapchat

As one of the recently hyped mobile applications in the mobile industry, Snapchat has tremendously gained lots of attention with lots of celebrity users. With this Snapchat App, sharing videos and photos become easy. Also, it provides a platform where you can send a friend a snap although it appears for hours before it finally disappears. It is a fantastic App to use as it comes with lots of latest functionalities and features.

7. IM+

IM+ is the best mobile and Android-based Application that can be used by everyone. It is widely used by people who have accounts with lots of social media providers like Google, AIM, Twitter, Facebook, ICQ and a host of them. With this Android Application, you can easily send and receive text messages instantly from lots of social media networks instantly. So, you can easily connect most of your social media accounts using this fantastic Mobile texting App.

8. Android Message

Talking about one of the growing mobile and Android applications made by Google, then Android message is another tremendous mobile App for texting and messaging. Although it is a light application, yet, it has lots of fantastic functionalities that are latest in the mobile technology industry. It has a very light material design with a high backup and excellent search functions. This Android messaging Application is mobile friendly and easy to use.

9. Chomp SMS

Although this Android Application has been around for a while now, yet it is one of the best ten texting applications we need to mention. It also uses material design with lots of fantastic features like Emoji, messaging notification, group chat, and text blocking capacity. It is also a free and friendly mobile and Android App you can use on your device.

10. Google Allo

Talking about one of the latest mobile and android texting applications from Google, there’s a need to mention Google Allo. It was designed with the interest of iOS users to enjoy Google assistant and features. There are a lot of fantastic features that come with this App like stickers, Emojis, and photo sharing functions. It works similarly to Cortana and a host of others where you can easily have a conversation with Google’s assistant.

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