Best News Mobile Apps Of 2017

Can you imagine your single day without having a glance at the newspaper or watching the debate of the various political leaders on the burning topics? The fight between these political titans is always an overwhelming one and each one outperforming the other is rather glorious to watch. The writings of a particular news are far more than appreciable and are too low to be praised. The beautiful design with the unique, creative, Prodigy writings and the exaggerated title seems to be one of the eye catchy and the shiny feature of this news app.

So, without wasting any time let us move on to the best news app.


With the beautiful title and the innovative writing UC News is rather interesting to watch. The title with the beautiful quotes and the punch lines seem to be attractive to the user. With the first ray of the bright sun on your face, this app will automatically update you with the current happenings across the globe. Whichever field you are looking for just scroll down your finger over it, and the next moment a list of the exciting news would be displayed on the screen. So, what are you looking for go to Google Play Store and download this marvelous app if you haven’t?


Download here UC NEWS


Can you imagine your single morning without the newspaper in your hand and a cup of brown tea lying down on the table beside you. Well, that would be a hypothetical view of the one who searches for the newspaper as soon as their eyes are opened. It is often seen that due to the overrated and the exaggerated writings on the journal we sometimes are deprived of the health news. On the other hand, the stress of the work boosts to the pressure. But from now just increase the surface area and order the pressure to disappear from your eyes as here is an app that will update you with all the current happenings across the globe with its short but creative writing in just about 60 words. You can also read short news on their official website.


Download Android App of Short News


Are you a game addict? Have you completely lost your patience to watch a particular game? If the answer is yes then definitely this app is made for you which will update you with all the current happenings in the world of cricket. Imagine a cricket match which for some reasons you are unable to watch and your favorite cricketer is raining down sixes and the fours in the ground. All the time you would be only thinking of the sixes, and a virtual image of that player would be established in your mind. So, what will you do? Just download this excellent cricketing app and low down the cricket fever.


Download here CRICBUZZ


Well, the Cricbuzz app is only meant for cricket this powerful app contains the news of all the sports which you are looking for. With the regular updates in the app, there is not a single news left out of it. Whatever sports you think of just scroll down your fingers on the icon and the next moment your news will be flashed on the screen. Download this excellent app and don’t let any of the news to go beyond your reach. Have it and feel the difference.


Download here ESPN

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Imagine you are working at your office and the sky is cleared outside with the shining sun expanding its rays to all over the world and suddenly the enemy black cloud attacks it with their deadly and the powerful weapons. What would you do? If you are planning to go outside these noxious black clouds would not allow you to leave. You will be in tension but from now just take the stress killers and download this app awesome app which will stand on your expectations. It will automatically update you with the imminent danger and the current temperature around you. Immediately download this app and feel the difference.

weather app weather

Download here WEATHER


We all know about Times of India and I think that even words would be unlimited to highlight its Prodigy features. This app does not need any explanation and writing bad content about this app will be a matter of laugh for us. The news with a focus on the important and the necessary parts are always liked by the people which further insist them to download this app.


Download here TIMES OF INDIA

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