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platforms to learn languages

To be sincere, I often feel bouts of insecurity run through my veins when I hear someone admit that they speak more than one language. I feel a little bit less then par; in spite of the fact that I speak fluent English. If you grew up in the United States- as I did, the chances of being ‘monolingual’ are at its peak.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with being monolingual, your chances of success in a business that is not limited by geographical regions are low- and most businesses aren’t restricted to one geographical region!

As I tried to put an end to this nightmare, I reached out to some platforms- some of which I would be sharing with you today. If you want to increase your prowess of foreign languages, you should probably check them out also. Shall we?


By all standards, duolingo remains the most used and perhaps, the best platform to learn dozens of new languages. The user statistics indicate that at least 300 million people use this app. It is compatible with all smartphones and is user-friendly; such that it isn’t compulsory to know English before you can access it. so, if you are a Frenchman who is tired of having to get a Spanish homework helper before completing your assignment, you could learn Spanish.

What’s more; there are 32 languages for you to pick from! The interesting detail about this platform lies in the company’s tagline- ‘learn a new language for free’. Yeah… you got it- it’s totally free. Perhaps, that’s why it has grown to be one of the best language learning platforms; because who’s averse to something free? Not me!


Next on my list is an online language learning app called Busuu. Busuu, although not as popular as its counterpart- Duolingo, is no doubt an amazing app for beginners. It has core learning contents which could kick start your bid to be ‘multilingual’.

It has very well structured, easy to learn courses which can be clearly understood, with accuracy and precision. What’s more is that the app developers from time-to-time, wish to know how fast and effective your language learning process is progressing, so they chip in exercises (you might have to do a ton of tedious typing drills). From my personal experience, I know that this app is polished and professional. Although among the free learning apps, it’s a premium option that might cost you some bucks. Still, if you don’t have extra cash to spare, you could still pick the basics of your preferred languages.

Live Mocha

Since its launch in 2007, Live Mocha was one of the first platforms to offer this service for free. I must admit that one of the coolest things this platform presents is the chance to meet with native teachers and locals who speak your preferred language from all over the world. This way, through texts, exercises, drills, tests, and conversations, you get to practice your newly learned language. Now, tell me that’s not cool!


Lingulia is one of the platforms which uses the arts of social networking and artificial intelligence to teach you. Talking about artificial intelligence, its bot called ‘lingu’ constant helps in the learning process. Also, this app doesn’t just offer easy-to-learn curricula, it helps you stay motivated. However, Lingulia’s major setback is that it offers only two languages: English and Spanish.

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Wrapping Up

Getting to learn a new language opens you up for a spectrum of opportunities in the global market place; and who wants to miss out on the possibility of this?

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