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Taking a critical look at the way technology has helped everyone within a few years back, we’ll realize that it has positively affected so many areas. A few years back, many people had ordinary cell phones mostly for calling with limited functionality and features. With these cell phones, you could


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Hey, fellas whenever you buy a new phone our first priority are to download WhatsApp and get in touch with friends and family. As it has become one of the most trusted and used apps in the world. Over a billion users use this application for messaging, calling and sharing.

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There must be instances where your default Play Store is not satisfying you with the best ever features that you want. They might not have as many apps that are available in your friend's app stores. In this case, you can use any of the following stores. Amazon Appstore The Amazon app store

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It seems like we are in the future and mobility is the extreme necessity these days but with mobility comes compromise especially for the gamers like us. We want to play games on our cell phones without compromising anything, without any lag or delay but the primary problem with mobile

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There was a time when we used to pay a lifetime fee to purchase a game or an app but not anymore. In this era where everyone is behind getting profits, we the consumers are stuck, and we are the ones who have to pay the price. The apps available

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Can you imagine your single day without having a glance at the newspaper or watching the debate of the various political leaders on the burning topics? The fight between these political titans is always an overwhelming one and each one outperforming the other is rather glorious to watch. The writings