How Multiple Websites Will Hurt Your SEO

A single click to will end up leaving you with so much knowledge on how you could use keywords to get the top rank on search engines. That is one. Among the most successful tactics of getting the best ranking is being smart on how you use your links. For

What is the difference b/w SEO, SEM & PPC?

Difference Between SEO and SEM - PPC

Every business is shifting its focus towards the online marketing, as this is the best way to conduct business. Digital marketing is experiencing new advancements and innovation at a constant pace, and any business or individual has to use the latest methods to stay ahead of the competition in any

How to Build Backlinks for SEO?

If you own a website, and you want to optimize it for the search engine, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what backlinks to build. Once this has been answered, you should then ask yourself how you will build the backlinks for SEO purposes. Probably you think

WordPress Vs Blogger : Your Blogging Platform

There are many online tools on offer for blogging. But Wordpress & Blogger platform stand out from the lot and are the most preferred option among the users. Ease Of Use & Control Blogger is a very easy to use platform but offers you limited tools to control the blog. On the

How To Convert Website Traffic To Sales Leads

Converting website traffic into potential leads is very critical for any website not dependent on display ads to generate revenues. Content plays a very vital role to bring quality traffic to a website. This article focusses on some key insights on how to convert website traffic into potential leads for

Why Your Banner Ads Might Not Be Working

Numerous advertisers don’t put resources into creatives which ultimately results in a unsuccessful ad campaign. Lot of people think banners do not attract people these days but that's a myth. Before you choose to bail check whether you’r are doing any of these mistakes. Your Advertisements Are Too Loud Space is always a constraints when