Do You Need Multiple Cameras In Your Phone?


Shopping for a new mobile phone can be a complicated business. With all those specs numbers and tech lingo, knowing exactly what you’re getting can be tough. One of the biggest recent trends on the mobile market is that of dual (or in some cases even triple like in the


best messaging apps

Taking a critical look at the way technology has helped everyone within a few years back, we’ll realize that it has positively affected so many areas. A few years back, many people had ordinary cell phones mostly for calling with limited functionality and features. With these cell phones, you could

3 Ways to Remove Photos from LG Phones


LG phones have been serving countless customers for the past decade with its auspicious features and remarkable sight capturing designs. Thus it is quite obvious for users to fall for it instantly. Now suppose you are capturing images with your LG phone, the images that are stored on your LG

How to Save Battery on Android


As more and more devices are manufactured without a removable battery - I’m looking at you Samsung - there is an increasing need to get the most juice out of your mAhs! Today I’ll go over some simple tips to improve the battery life of your Android phone or tablet.

TheOneSpy – World’s Most Demanding Mobile Spy Software


Are you looking for a mobile phone spy application to track someone else’s phone? Mobile phone spying has developed as the common practice owing to the widespread adoption of the internet and mobile phones. There are scores of mobile phone tracking apps intended for parents and employers to supervise the

Best 7 Must Have Apps In 2017

Must Have Apps

Android devices have captured a good segment of the technology market and almost all of us own these devices. Since they are available in different price ranges, the popularity of using these devices has grown higher. We love listening to music, talk to one another on call or messages and watch

Android Or iOS : Which One To Choose

Deciding whether to buy a Android or iOS phone is always a tricky question depending on your budget & preferences.There is no doubt in the fact that Android controls a large part of the market mainly due to the large variety and number of devices that are on offer. On