6 Common Features Among Successful Blogs

Tips For Successful Blogs

Blogs can be a great channel for organic traffic – when done right. However, many bloggers find it extremely difficult to generate decent volumes of traffic for their posts. Whether you are looking to create a blog or have been blogging for some time without much success, it is important to study some features which are common among all successful blogs.

We found 6 crucial elements you should embrace to achieve the traffic volumes you dream of for your blog.

1. Consistent and Universal Structure

There is one thing common between successful blogs – they all have similar structure. So when you create a blog, make sure it has the following standard structure:

  • Menu: feature the menu on the header or a navigation bar. This simplifies navigation and declutters the blog.
  • Content Area: the main content area lies below the menu. This is where the blog posts appear. It is best to have the posts published by relevance or date of publishing.
  • Footer: the footer usually comprises of contact pages, relevant links, and privacy policy.

Sidebar: it should highlight favourite posts and comments. It can also include CTA and social profiles.

You can create the perfect structure by choosing the right template. There are many beautiful blogging themes or templates designed around this universal structure. Many of the ones below are available for free.

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2. Unique Domain Name

Another feature that is common among successful blogs is the use of custom and unique domain names. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Easier Discovery: blogs with custom and unique domain names are easier to find for your audience.
  • Memorable: unique blog names are also easier to remember! Make sure it is short and highly relevant to your niche or the topic you are focusing on.
  • SEO Friendly: unique domain names that include your keywords can also be search engine friendly.

3. Link Building

Both external and internal linking are important elements of successful blogs. External links provide your readers with valuable content that can be of great use to them. It helps in building your reputation as an authority while also giving search engines an indication of what your content is about.

Internal linking, on the other hand, enhances navigation between relevant posts within your blog site. It helps enhance the reading experience within your blog and adds to the flow of knowledge transfer.

When you create a blog, the goal is to keep your visitors on your site for as long as possible. It is recommended to follow these tips for successful internal linking:

  • Create quality content with every new post
  • When you create a new post, link it to a previous post that has relevant or useful content related to it
  • You can also link to service and contact pages

For more great tips on internal links, check out this Search Engine Watch guide.

4. Promotional Strategy

It is important to increase readers exposure to your blog in order to increase your traffic and earnings. Successful blogs have excellent and multi-faceted promotional strategies in place. This can include creating email lists, building social media following, creating promotional partnerships with niche influencers and media and optimizing your blog for Google and other search engines.

5. A Memorable & Striking Logo

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Another feature that is common among successful blogs is their logo. A blog’s logo has a huge impact on how well visitors remember it. It becomes part of your identity. If your blog is for your business brand, you can use your company logo. This will make it easier for your visitors to identify the source of the content being published.

Even if you don’t yet have a logo, you can design one for yourself! Platforms like Wix’s Logo Maker make it possible for you to create a logo using AI and customize it as you wish, for free.

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6. Featured Images

Featured images is another common element shared by great blogs. Images are important for the success of your blog as people often prefer visual rather than textual information – so great content alone won’t do.

Include as much visual information in your posts as possible without going overboard. Try adding relevant images to each paragraph.

These are some of the most important points that can help make your blog more successful. Thousands of blogs related to your niche are added every week to the web, but not all of them are going to make it to the top, get found, and drive the intended volume of traffic. Follow the steps above, be sure you will see your blog make it to the top.

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