How to Convert Videos to iOS Format to Watch on iPhone & iPad

Convert Videos To IOS Format To Watch On IPhone & IPad

The AppStore is full of free video players nowadays. Some of them are made to reproduce a particular video format, while other can play the most popular video formats. It seems easy just to download a player and import a video into it. But apps often vanish from the AppStore, or their developers stop supporting them. And your favorite player may stop working one day. Moreover, if you remove the app occasionally, all your media files will disappear as well. Taking these factors into consideration, it’s better to use a default iOS media player. It doesn’t accept too many videos file types, but it’s regularly updated and will never get out of your device. To enjoy the best video performance with a default player, you should prepare your video for watching them on iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

The first and the most important thing is getting a good video converter. Although there are a lot of tools of this kind on the Net, it’s not easy to find a good one. Fortunately, there is Freemake, a freeware website that offers a cool utility that will suit all your needs.

Created in 2010, the Freemake tool is a flagship product due to its incredible popularity among users. The software is user-friendly, provides a huge variety of options and an astonishing interface. Let’s learn how to use it to change movies for Apple portable devices.

Install Freemake Video Converter

To start with, download Freemake Video Converter installer from the official site. Don’t use any other site to get the software since it may ad ads or 3d party utilities. The installer from the official site is ad-free and doesn’t contain any malware. Please note that Freemake Video Converter operates under Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10. If you still use Win XP, contact the support member for XP installers.

Freemake provides two installer versions. One is for people with a fast and stable Internet connection; the other is a full exe file that can be installed on a laptop or PC without the Internet.

Whatever one you choose, as soon as you get it, install and run the software on your PC. You’ll see a tool with two rows of buttons: blue at the top and green at the bottom. In the center, there will be three social networks logos: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you want to follow Freemake news, just click on the preferred network, and subscribe to the updates.

Let’s get back to the interface. The buttons at the top are Audio, Video, DVD, Photo, and Paste URL. They are used to add a corresponding multimedia content: images, music, videos, etc.

The buttons at the bottom are video formats you can convert your videos to. For your scope, you’ll need only to Apple option.

C:\Users\dkazakova\Desktop\Freemake Video Converter to Apple.png

Convert Videos from PC to Apple

If you have a movie in a format non-compatible with iPhone, add it into Freemake by clicking the Video blue button. You can also drag-n-drop files into the freeware. In case you have several TV series, you may add them all at once. Then press to Apple option on the formats panel. Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod model from a menu.

Since the developers haven’t yet added the latest gadgets parameters, being a happy owner of the latest iPhone, you can create a custom preset with the necessary settings. Scroll to the very bottom of the drop-down menu and choose to add your preset option. Insert a desirable video codec, frame size, and fps. If necessary, correct the audio data. You may also like reading about AZ screen recorder, an app which helps you in recording your mobile screen.

C:\Users\dkazakova\Desktop\Freemake Apple preset editor.png

Click the OK button to apply changes and save your preset for future use. Convert your file for Apple by clicking on the Convert button.

Download YouTube on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Apart from the offline movies, Freemake Video Converter can save YouTube clips for your iOS device. It operates as a usual YouTube Downloader. You need to insert a YouTube video link into the software with the help of Paste URL command, then choose to Apple, select your preset and run the conversion process.

In case you want to save YouTube in MP3, choose to MP3 as an output format. Both to Apple and to MP3 output options have a feature to save a ready file directly to the iTunes media library. Thus you’ll only need to sync your iTunes with your gadget to have new files on it. To send new files to iTunes, enable the Export to iTunes option right above the Convert button.

Edit Movies for Apple

Freemake video conversion tool comes with a built-in video editor. It’s not very rich in options, but it has the basics. With Freemake editor, you can cut video parts, rotate wrongly shot videos and join several movies into one.

If you’ve saved an online video with ads, you can easily delete them as well as adult scenes or other video parts you don’t need. Add your video to the software and run the Freemake editor by clicking the green scissors button that will appear near your movie. Mark the unnecessary part with corresponding software buttons (left and right scissors), and then click the blue scissor to delete it. Repeat these steps to delete more video parts.

In case you can’t run the video editor and see Atom sign instead of a video track, it means that your video has an h265 codec that is not supported by Freemake.

C:\Users\dkazakova\Desktop\Freemake Editor Apple.png

To join several video parts into one long video, enable the Join on option in the top right corner of Freemake Video Converter. It’ll become active when you add at least two videos.

Sometimes movies from the Internet come in a wrong orientation. To rotate them 90 or 180 degrees, run the Freemake editor and click the round arrow button at the bottom. Click it once if you need to rotate the clip 90 degrees or two times for 180 degrees.

When you finish working in the editor, click the OK button to apply any changes.

After that convert your edited videos to Apple and upload to your device.

Convert Videos with Subtitles

If you enjoy watching movies in a foreign language on your iPad, you can easily add a subtitles track to them for better comprehension. Find and download a necessary subtitles file in SRT, ASS, SSA formats. Then add your video into Freemake. Select Add subtitles on the video line and choose your subtitles file. Preview the result in Freemake editor.

If everything is OK, convert your video to Apple. In case you’d like to have more options to deal with subtitles, you can get an additional Freemake Pack that provides options to change subtitles font and size.

Please keep in mind that the subtitles will be encoded in the video so you won’t be able to switch them off.

Convert DVD and Blu-ray to Apple

If you have a rich DVD or BR collection; you can have your favorite movies always with you and enjoy watching them without streaming or a laptop with a DVD drive.

Freemake Video Converter converts DVDs and Blu-ray discs to MP4 and saves them to your iTunes media library. Please note that the software can only convert non-protected discs.

The procedure is pretty much the same as with any other file. First of all, add your DVD via a corresponding button. For movies with many subtitles and audio tracks, choose the necessary audio and subtitles option before you start the ripping process. Please note that you can select only one audio and one subtitles track.

Choose to Apple, your device model and start the ripping. Then sync your phone with iTunes in a regular manner.

This is how you can use Freemake Video Converter to prepare online and offline videos for iPhone, iPod, and iPad models. You can also use, the same options to convert videos for your TV, Xbox and other gadgets.

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