How To Convert Website Traffic To Sales Leads

Converting website traffic into potential leads is very critical for any website not dependent on display ads to generate revenues. Content plays a very vital role to bring quality traffic to a website. This article focusses on some key insights on how to convert website traffic into potential leads for your business.

Below are some of the important things you should consider to improve your conversions on website :

Quality Content

Content is the most defining factor when it comes to generating leads. Even search engine are designed to reward original & quality content. Users gain trust and are likely to share their contact information on a website that has relevant information for the user.

Landing Pages

While most part of the website focusses on giving information to the user about the product or service. The landing page aims at gathering information about a user which can then be used to promote content or products via various digital marketing techniques like email marketing.

Call To Actions Pointing Users To Right Place

Call To Actions (CTA) are really important buttons which leads a user to a page where they submit their name and contact information. That’s why you’ll need to always offer CTAs that provide real value.

PopUp Forms

Pop ups provide a very effective way to convert traffic into leads. Although these pop ups interrupt the user experience but if presented at the right place with the right design they can be very rewarding.

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Notification Bars

This is one of the most important place to connect with the users. These notification bars attracts the attention of users. They can be used to simply ask the email id of the user which can then be targeted for conversions. Such bars remain on top of everything and numerous such bars can be designed to adhere to the top notwithstanding when individuals look down the site.


Though there are many methods to drive leads on your website but still valuable & original content is the most important factor. Knowing how to convert traffic to leads would save lot of time & money for the company.

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