All You Need To Know About Cydia App Store For iOS

Cydia App Store

Whether you own an iPhone or not, you must have heard about jailbreaking. It is possible for you to jailbreak any iOS powered device, including your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Most of the people prefer to jailbreak their devices because it can provide them with the opportunity to get the most out of what they own. In other words, you will be able to download and install premium applications on your iOS device for free.

When you are about to jailbreak your iOS device, you are provided with several approaches to consider about. Out of those approaches, Cydia has received much attention. It can be considered as one of the most convenient methods available for the iOS users to follow and experience delivered by a jailbreak.

What exactly is Cydia App Store?

Cydia is a third party, independent installer application, which can be used on any iOS device. This tool was founded by Jay Freeman. Cydia app store is pretty much similar to the App Store, which you already have installed on your device. However, this App Store can provide premium applications for free or for a small fee.

You don’t need to spend your money in order to purchase premium applications to your iOS device and you can download free cydia apps. Or else, you don’t have to live with the frustration of not being able to install premium applications on the device. All you have to do is to go ahead and install Cydia. Functionalities that are not offered by Apple on your iOS device can be enabled with the assistance of Cydia.

For example, you would want to change the traditional ringtone of your iOS device to a much impressive video ringtone. It can easily be achieved with the assistance of Cydia. You just need to download an appropriate application such as Big Boss and set up video ringtones. The best thing about Cydia is that these applications can be downloaded for free and you don’t have to spend any money at all. To deliver the functionality for free, these apps are offered via free hosting sites.

Another popular use of Cydia is themes. Thousands of impressive themes are being offered by Cydia and you will be able to use these themes in order to make your iPhone or iPad look great. The customization capabilities offered by Apple are somewhat limited. You will have to deal with frustration when you are about to customize the iPhone as per your wish. But Cydia can help you get rid of frustration. You can customize the look of almost all the aspects of your iPhone interface, including the lock screen with the assistance of Cydia. This is a feature that you would love to have.

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What Is Cydia App Store?

Now you would wonder why you need to use Cydia when you already have access to applications on App Store. If you want to download an app from the App Store, you often have to make a payment. The number of free apps available in the app store is extremely low. Why do you want to make a payment to get these apps when you can download them for free? All you need to do is to install Cydia on your device.

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Cydia App Store

How to get Cydia App Store?

In order to install Cydia on your device, you will need to jailbreak it. Jailbreaking can simply be defined as the process, where you modify your iOS device with the objective of gaining root access. In other words, jailbreaking would provide you with the opportunity to get rid of all restrictions that are implemented by Apple. You will not be able to precede with Cydia installation without jailbreaking your device.

What are the features of Cydia?

Before you get Cydia App Store installed on your iOS device, it is important for you to have a clear understanding about the features that you can expect from it as well. Once you open Cydia, you will be able to find 5 main tabs. These tabs can be used to access the key functionalities offered by Cydia.

The tabs that you can see in Cydia include:

  • Home – Under the Home tab, you will be able to find account information, few sponsored apps, some useful settings and source FAQ.
  • Changes – The changes that you do to applications can be found under this tab. When you open Cydia app store, this tab would get updated.
  • Sections – All apps that are available under the Cydia app store are divided into respective categories under sections. Hence, you will find it as an easy task to navigate through the sections and look for the perfect app.
  • Manage – Cydia can help you to manage the apps that you have installed as well. For example, if you want to remove a specific app that you have installed on the device, you can do it by visiting the Manage tab.
  • Search – If you want to search and look for a specific app, you can think about using this feature. You just have to enter the name of the app and Cydia would find that to you.

How to purchase & download apps from Cydia?

All the apps that you can see on Cydia cannot be downloaded for free. You will have to make a payment in order to download some of the apps. There are few effective methods, which you can follow in order to get the apps you want from Cydia. Cydia has provided you with the ability to login from your Apple ID. Or else, you can use the credentials of your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Payment options supported by Cydia include PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards. The process of making a payment to get an app that you want from Cydia is extremely easy.

Final Words

As you can see, Cydia is one of the best tweaks available for an iPhone user to try out. It can help you to unlock functionalities that were not possible with your device. Hence, you would love to use Cydia to get things done with minimum hassle.

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