Why Should You Consider EasyPDF as Your Go-To PDF Converter?


You are looking for a quick way to convert PDF document to some other format. When you turn to Google for an answer, you will find out that there are numerous converters available, depending on your need. You might wonder which tool or software is right for you amongst the crowd? To answer that question I will tell you the difference between different converters available.

We can place all converters in one of these categories: online tools, desktop software, and mobile apps. Desktop software is expensive, requires installation and it is packed with functionality. Problem with them is that most users don’t need that kind of complex solution as their daily driver. Also, mobile users can’t use this kind of software.

Mobile converter apps are great for mobile users, but there is also a problem of finding the good one because there are numerous apps available. If you pay for the app, you are limited to using it only on your smartphone which might cause to opt for another one when on PC.

Online tools are a hybrid between the two mentioned. You can use them on both mobile and desktop without installation or download. The problem with online PDF tools is that there are too many bad ones out there. Either, they are limited in their functionality and quality when compared with desktop converters or require users to register with the risk of losing their data. That is why I am excited to share with you a new and completely anonymous online PDF suite that finally outperforms all others. It is called EasyPDF and it is meant to be an all-in-one PDF solution for your problems.

easypdf - pdf converter

Why EasyPDF might be a good choice for you?

With EasyPDF you can manage and convert documents to all popular formats for free. This kind of tool on a desktop would cost a few hundred dollars alone. Unlike other online converters, this tool offers all functionalities without limitations or any registration. Another feature that makes it stand out, it supports OCR conversion of scanned documents. Here is the list of available PDF conversions with EasyPDF:

  • Convert native and scanned PDF files to these formats: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Text, JPG, GIF, PNG, AutoCAD (only PDFs designed with AutoCAD).
  • Create PDF from any other document, convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG to PDF.
  • Split one PDF file into more PDFs. Merge two or more PDFs into one document.
  • Compress PDF.
  • OCR online that converts scanned image to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Fast, reliable and secure conversions.
  • Import files from your device or Cloud storage (Google Drive and Dropbox).

These conversions will cover the needs of most people out there. Some other benefit is that you can use EasyPDF tools on Windows, Linux or Mac operating system. You can use it straight away by visiting the website.

If you wonder how this tool performs on mobile phones, the answer is great. It is highly optimized for mobile screens that it looks almost like a mobile app. You can add shortcut to your phone’s home screen which will give you an app-like launching experience. Just go to 3-dots menu and choosing “add to home screen” and you will see a yellow duck shortcut placed there.

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In the end

It is a great thing to find a completely free and anonymous online converter such as EasyPDF. It does a great job when converting files, even better than some desktop tools. If you need to convert your files quickly and with good results, you should certainly try this tool.

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