The evolution of crime – The Internet & Cybercriminals


When considering a crime, we traditionally think of bank robberies, knife attacks, theft and other physical activities. Traditional crime is becoming eclipsed however as we see a sharp rise in a new age threat – cybercrimes. Cyber crimes are illegal activities that are carried out digitally through the internet or other computer systems.

Since the internet was created there have been various types of cyber crimes committed. As businesses continue to shift towards digitalization, we will unfortunately continue to see a rise in this type of crime. In the same instance, as cyber crimes evolve, so do the defense mechanisms and systems we can employ to protect our online world against such threats. Antiviruses grow in strength and even free solutions like Avast provide very reliable defense. Then you have things like secure networks, CDNs, 2-F authentications and general awareness help tackle this modern plague.

Most cybercrimes involve breaking into supposedly secure systems or intercepting digital data to steal confidential information and funds. A cybercriminal may, for example, intercept emails or chat messages to steal personal information about the sender. Alternatively, a cybercriminal gang may hack into a business network to gain access to secure information such as financial data and even account details. As you can see, cyber crimes can be truly dangerous and detrimental – this is why it is so important to understand the threats, and how to protect yourself. You may also like reading about TheOneSpy – World’s Most Demanding Mobile Spy Software.

For the basic internet user, there are several steps you can take to protect your online actions. Firstly, you should invest in anti-virus software – choose a well-known provider such as Norton, Panda or BitDefender. Once you have done that, ensure that you configure it to scan your emails and internet browser activity. Finally, you could consider installing a router and setting up a firewall and a VPN connection as an extra means of protection. We can’t guarantee that you will never fall prey to an attack, but if you follow the above steps, you can enjoy a decent level of protection.

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