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Free Movies Download

Free Movies Download: Movies are not only a great source of entertainment, but for some people it is life. Watching a movie is not always about entertainment, sometimes it gives us a lesson for life. Earlier people were bound to look at the movies that telecast on Television, but that is not the case now. We have picked the best free movie download sites for you.

The modern world is an era of technology, and everything is at our fingertips. We no longer need to wait for movies to telecast on TV. With the help of the Internet finding free HD movies has become easier, we can watch any movie of our choice at any moment in time. Therefore, in this article, we would be talking about the best free download sites for movies.

Watching a movie in a movie theatre is the best way to look at a movie, but that is not possible for everyone. Some people have a problem, or some just prefer watching it on their smartphones, tablets, TVs, Laptops or PCs. People often use torrent to download movies, but torrents are not a safe option. To encounter this problem safely follow the sources from this article and you will get the best movie downloading experience.

Best Free Movie Download Sites – Free Movies Download

Below is our collection of best free download sites for movies. You can find 100% free full movie downloads on them.

fMovies provides you with both streaming as well as downloading solutions. It uses high-speed servers to deliver the content at best possible speed. The website contains a very vast database of movies and TV series. You can find all the latest films and TV series and download full new movies just within few days of release. It frequently updates the latest uploaded videos with best possible quality. The website contains some ads, but they are not annoying. The overall UI of the site is very straightforward and user-friendly. One of the best features of this website is the subtitles. They provide you English subtitles while streaming so that you can watch the movies that are not in your language.

Internet Archive

Internet Archives are used to keep a track record of the contents of the Internet, but you can easily use this website to download movies. It has a database of over 3.5 million movies from various countries. You can find movies from all genres be it Horror, Comedy, Technology, etc. The website is free and 100% legal. Apart from films, the site can be used to find videos, animes, games, etc.

Worldfree4u is trendy name when it comes to movie downloads. The website is frequently updated (several times in a day) with latest movies and videos. Most of the times, movies are uploaded on the same day of release. You can find and watch free movies online from different countries including Bollywood and Indian regional movies like Punjabi or Marathi. It also has a great collection of South-Indian movies.

The website provides several safe and high-speed server links from which you can easily download your preferred movies. Apart from films, the website has a vast collection of games, software, videos, songs, etc. All the content of the site is uploaded in a well-organized manner. The site also includes a search bar that helps us to find our movie. If your data plan limits you to download movies then, this website will do wonders for you. It provides movies in Mobile HEVC format which means the movies are compressed under 300 MB before it is delivered to you.

If you love Hollywood movies, then this website is for you. Ganool has a vast collection of Hollywood movies. The admins of Ganool encodes movies by themselves instead of outsourcing it. Therefore, you get the best quality movies at your fingertips. Ganool provides Mediafire and Google Drive download links that mean you can download movies at the full potential of your ISP. Apart from Hollywood movies, you can also download latest TV series, Animes and Bollywood movies. It provides BOX OFFICE column which lists all the popular movies of the time. Movies are categories into different genres and years which allows us to explore films and find the right one to watch. The User-Interface of Ganool is very sweet and smooth.

Jio Cinema

If you are a Reliance Jio user then, you can download the cinema app and stream movies for free at any point of time. I also include a downloading feature using which you can save movies to watch them offline. Jio Cinema has an excellent collection of movies of various genres which is increasing day by day. Also, check this article on best websites to download free HD movies.

Special Trick For Free Movies Download

If you are unable to access any of these websites due to ISP restriction, then you can use this simple method to download new movies for free.

  • Go to Google Search
  • Use the following search syntax to get the high-speed link of movies without any signup or ads.index of: Name of the movie
Free Movies Download Trick
Free Movies Download
  • Replace Name of the movie with your desired movie.
  • For example, if you want to download the judge then enter index of: Judge
  • Click on first of the few results and you will find the direct download link to your movie.
  • Download of the movie will start immediately.

Disclaimer: We support only legal ways to download movies (We have included many legal sites in this article).

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Frequently Asked Questions – Free Movies Download

Q1. Are the websites safe to use and download?

A1. Yes, the websites which we have mentioned in this article are safe to use and download movies. However, we are not responsible for any malware.

Q2. Is it legal to download movies from these sources?

A2. Yes, we have mentioned many of the legal sources which you can use to download movies legally.

Q3. Will I get full download Speed?

A3. Yes, all the websites provide a high-speed server. Therefore, you will get the full potential of your ISP while downloading any movie.

Q4. When I try to open some of the websites, I am getting this error – “Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact the administrator for more information.”.

A4. This message means that the website is restricted to your area. However, you can use free or paid VPNs to access these sites.

Final Verdict

All the websites which we have included in this article are ideal for downloading and streaming movies. However, if you find any difficulties then, feel free to comment download below, and we will try our best to help and solve your query.

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