How Link Building Strategies May Change In 2020

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Link building is perhaps the most effective way to get your website rank higher on search engines and drive more traffic. The entire focus is on quality and diversity, with websites having a diverse backlink profile coming ahead. Moreover, you need to build links organically rather than buy them or indulge in black hat strategies. At the same time, there is much more to this tactic when you scratch the surface. Basically, you cannot imagine success unless you are willing to align with the evolving trends. If you want to be ready for the New Year, you must understand and implement the upcoming link building strategies. Here are the ones you must follow in 2020.

Steal your competitors’ backlinks

Though this may sound dubious, stealing the backlinks of your competitors may be the best thing to do. They may have spent thousands of hours and dollars on acquiring high-quality links and developing their link building strategies. Instead of investing the same amount of money and time, why not just identify these links and build the same ones for your site? This is definitely the smartest way to outsmart your competitors and take advantage of all the hard work they might have done. Just make sure that you give better content while you build backlinks to the same sources so that you are ahead in this aspect as well.

Invest in evergreen keywords and topics

The secret to building high-quality and sustainable backlinks to your website is by investing in evergreen content and topics. Essentially, these are the ones which will always be in demand. Step into the shoes of an average user and think about the topics that they would want to read about. Once you are through with the choice of evergreen keywords and topics, the next step is to create amazing content on them and use it for building links with relevant sites. Invest in detailed and informative content that serves true value to the users. Firstly, anyone would be interested in linking with such content and secondly, it will build your authority as an expert.

Guest posting is the key

Guest posting is perhaps the most important way of link building. It has been this way over the years and will continue to be the same in 2020 and beyond. All you need to do is to find the popular bloggers and influencers in your niche, reach out to them and convince that you have something amazing to share. If you are able to do it, they will be interested in content collaboration. You can get a guest post published on their blog and they will give you a backlink in return. Besides being a boost for your link profile, this strategy will enable you to extend your reach to a target audience set.

Leverage testimonial link building

Apart from the conventional link building tactics like guest posting, you can go the extra mile in 2020 by leveraging testimonial link building. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is amazingly effortless and quick. You don’t need to invest time in searching keywords, prospecting target websites or churning out great copies of the content. Just request a few loyalists or niche influencers to post some positive reviews online and you are good to go. Not only does this tactic get you quality backlinks but it acts as a powerful promotional strategy too. So you get two benefits with half the work!

Pay attention to content promotion

The significance of quality content cannot be underrated when it comes to achieving success with your link building strategy. At the same time, content alone will not win you the race. Great content does not get you quality backlinks naturally unless you are a leader in your niche. You can go through this ( to understand this fact. Rather than just relying on posting amazing content and building links, you need to pay attention to its promotion as well. Content promotion gets you more backlinks because people readily share and like such pieces. A greater number of backlinks definitely strengthens your profile and take your ranking a notch higher.

Appear in link roundups

An amazingly easy and effective strategy to win the link building game in 2020 is by appearing in link roundups. Basically, link roundups are daily, weekly or monthly blog posts that link to the most amazing and useful content pieces on the internet. You need to find the reputed websites which publish such roundups and pitch your content to be included in their next roundup. Here, it is important that you find the websites in your niche because they make your content reach the right audience.

Focus on resource page link building

Another good idea is to focus on resource page link building because this tactic fetches quality backlinks for your website. Just give them valuable content to post and they will provide a backlink in return. First things first, you need to understand what a resource page is. It refers to a web page that includes useful resources and links for a particular topic or topics. Since these pages are often accessed by readers in specific niches, you have better chances of being visible to the right audience by appearing on them.

Capitalize on internal linking

One of the smartest ways to strengthen your link building strategy in 2020 is by investing in internal linking. This one requires little work as you need not prospect or pitch externally. Just link one page of your website with other pages and you may be able to get the same leverage as external links provided. They enable Google to discover new content and also make your website more user-friendly, which surely has a positive impact on your ranking.

Now that you know the link building tactics that are likely to drive growth in 2020, it is time to gear up. The best approach would be to have a look at your current strategy and identify the gaps that you can address for better results. The sooner you start implementing these tactics, the better it will be for your search rankings. After all, the best bet to stay ahead is to be visible on the top!

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