How to Build Backlinks for SEO?

If you own a website, and you want to optimize it for the search engine, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what backlinks to build. Once this has been answered, you should then ask yourself how you will build the backlinks for SEO purposes. Probably you think these are technical questions that can only be answered by SEO experts. The truth is that anyone can decide and choose the backlinks to build on his website. This article delves into how one can build backlinks to his website.

How to Build the Backlinks?

You no longer have to rely on automated tools to build backlinks. Instead, you can rely on your strategy and online marketing experience to build quality backlinks. You need to check how much backlinks your site has. You could use this tool to see backlinks – It’s simple and easy to use.

The first thing you should do is to sit down and write guest articles and post them on reputable websites. Pick on websites that are highly reputable in your niche. Note that if you write for websites that are lower than your site in terms of SEO metrics, your link will be not so useful and it may be useless at all. Also, ensure that you post articles on the unique websites. There is no point in building a few backlinks from one website. Keep an eye on the link to ensure that webmasters do not change them to nofollow or delete them.

One important thing you should do is to ensure that you place your social media in the author bio space. The author bio will direct traffic to your social media and website. This way you will be guaranteed of hundreds or thousands of visitors every month. However, one of the mistakes people make is to leave footprints on the backlink. It makes the links look artificial and may not serve the purpose. Ensure that the links look as natural as possible. Using different pen names in the bios will play the trick. Lastly, don’t use the same description for your website in all your guest posts.

Good Backlinks

Backlinks are considered good if they are coming from a real websites. The website must have good content and should be easier to share across the social media. Backlinks can be earned or build.

Ways of building quality backlinks:

  • Use of guest posts
  • Use of infographics
  • Broken links method
  • Email outreach
  • Niche forums

Backlinks That Should Be Avoided

In your endeavor to build backlinks, there are certain backlinks you should avoid. These are the spammy backlinks, which can destroy your website. They include:

Links from a website with little content- such links have insignificant SEO value. Links to websites that don’t provide significant value to the user such as article directories. And social bookmarking websites. Spammy content comments placed all over the internet may make you lose your ranking on the search engine.

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What do You Need to do?

To build quality backlinks, it is necessary that you come up with your customized strategy and have an online working plan. Avoid using other people’s strategy. Always carry out your research and carry out tests. These tests play a critical role in helping you determine whether they are working or not. Links that are not working should be removed forthwith. Also, it is prudent that you take your time to build your backlink.


To build good backlinks to your website, it requires that you remain cautious and knowledgeable. Each backlink should be monitored and verified to establish its SEO value. Don’t get backlinks from pages where you do not have control. Thus, you should be able to remove backlink when its value declines.

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