How Distance learning is beneficial for students?


Distance education or online education as you call is proving to be beneficial for the students. They can be part of the same irrespective of the area they are residing in. With the emergence of distance education, it is has been possible for the students to pursue whichever their dream course even if they are working individuals. The prominent advantage that this mode of education brings is that the students do not have to take the pain of attending the class on a regular basis. There are some courses in which you might have to attend the classes once or twice in a month compared to the regular basis class. The advantages of online education can be availed for any level of education starting from school level to attaining online course programs and also appearing for entrance examination such as IAS, IBPS and others.

How is this mode of education helpful for working individuals?

Apart from working individuals, this mode of education can also be availed of all ages who wish to get an education. When compared with the traditional learning technique, this is one of the sought after mode of education. If you have important personal commitments to fulfill, then distance mode of education is the perfect one to choose. In addition, with the advent of technology, the distance mode of learning has become easier, and students can easily get hands-on study material through online classes. The introduction of the online programs is beneficial, and students also get to record the class session for future use. In this regard, various applications have been introduced including that of YouTube through which the students can easily watch the required video or presentation pertaining to the online course. This is required for appearing in examination such as UPSC IAS entrance.

Perks of online learning

  1. No need to travel – In regard to online institutions, one of the good things is that there is no need to travel to attain the classes as mentioned earlier. You can the option to complete the coursework even if you are engaged with your college diploma studies. Without having taken the pain of visiting the college campus each day, you can easily complete the course from the comfort of your home. So, with the help of this mode, you can easily become a part of the top universities of which you dreamt of becoming a student. The only prerequisite is that you should have a stable internet connection such that you do not have to miss out on any classes and you have to face obstacles when submitting projects and discussion important, relevant topics.
  2. Save time – As long as you have a stable internet connection, apart from enjoying your life with your friends and family and attaining your school, you can also be a part of the online education. You have to set your own time and day. Compared to this, campus education takes more time since you are going to the school for several days and weeks. With less time devoted to the online mode of education, you get more time for self-analysis. Also, the use of technology in distance learning mode has been discussed earlier, and it is helpful. The distance education classes are designed in such a way that you get the opportunity to access the same from mobile platforms including tablets and laptops. In addition, you can also access the study material via the devices, and the save the same. Therefore, take up the time that fits your schedule the best.
  3. Affordable price – Nothing can make you happy than getting a degree at a lower price under reputed colleges or universities from the comfort of your home. But it might vary a little depending on the university and the course that you wish to take up. Moreover, by selecting the online mode of learning, you can cut off the extra traveling, learning, housing and other bills if you were to attend the campus on a daily basis.
  4. Begin your career now – Generally, it is seen that for most of the colleges and universities, it offers sessions enabling the students to complete with the course easily. The institutes provide two year time to complete the course. But for the online education, you can complete the same curriculum in less or more time than compared to the colleges or universities as per convenience. As an added advantage, students can also apply for the courses that are often not offered by the colleges or universities. Thus, they get to study the same with the help of the online education system.

Bad impacts of distance learning

Moreover, in the online mode of education, the students are only guided about the curriculum and not made to read or memorize. They have to take up the effort to go through the study material and consult the concerned teachers and the complete the course on their own. In this regard, it can be concluded that there are fewer chances of face to face interactions between the teachers and the students. Also, it might be harder to get feedback from the teachers instantly, as they might be busy at that point in time. Besides the perks of distance education, there are several bad effects of it such as lack of stable internet connection can be challenging enough when you are trying to submit assignments. Therefore, the student needs to be technology savvy such that he or she is able to access the websites and the study materials easily. It would also help students IAS Coaching and other tough examinations.

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How are educational institutes growing?

The demand for distance education mode of learning has experienced a growth in the last few years. It has taken place due to the growing demand among individuals who wish to pursue their dream of higher education but are stuck in their working schedule. It also helps the individuals who are committed to personal responsibilities but still wish to pursue the course of their choice from the comfort of their home. It also makes learning ways for the disabled, minorities and unemployed. In order to widen educational opportunities to a large number of students, the educational institutes and other organizations are working in collaboration to give the best result to students. Therefore, considering all the factors, the distance learning is greatly beneficial for students.

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