How to Meet Your Green Business Goals in 2020

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The environmental crisis is repeatedly hitting the headlines across the world and companies are facing increasing criticism about their impacts upon the environment. Activists are peering into the operations of the world’s companies to assess their carbon footprint and these concerns are shared in boardrooms and across staff. It’s in light of these pressing concerns that green targets are being set by the majority of companies across the world. To meet your own targets you must take your responsibility towards the environment seriously. The tips below will help your business go green in 2020.

Recycling Waste

Businesses produce vast quantities of waste. That’s unavoidable. But that’s not to say that all businesses in the modern era shouldn’t take a long, hard look at their processes and operations, asking the simple question: could we be doing more? Some key ways in which you can reduce your company’s waste include:

  • Buy a recycling baler, and baling wire from, to sort recyclables into easy-to-dispose-of chunks
  • Ensure that the materials in which you package your products are also recyclable, and clearly labeled as such
  • Train your employees about recycling and waste, and conduct an audit about waste in your company

If you’re serious about tackling the waste that you produce as a business, these three tips should prove instrumental in changing your performance on this particular metric.

Energy Consumption

Companies are guzzlers of energy. Whether that’s in the form of fossil fuels burned directly to make energy or heat in a facility, or in the form of electricity supplied by the national grid, it’s important for businesses in this eco-friendly era to put a cap on their energy use, and to attempt to drive it down. You can do this by:

  • Training your staff to switch off electrical items when they’re not in use
  • Cutting down on the machinery that you use, or buying modern, energy-efficient models
  • Making your office or facility more eco-friendly, though insulation and energy retention
  • Investing in green energy alternatives, including solar or wind power around your facility

Energy is possibly the biggest contributory factor to the climate crisis – and it’s also one of the factors that’s easiest to solve if you put in the work to cut your emissions and energy bills.

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Volunteering Days

Many companies currently use a section of staff holidays to persuade staff members to volunteer locally, bringing benefits to the local environment. This is a wise choice for your business – getting your staff out to gardens and ecological projects is an excellent way to encourage them to be active, and to bond in team-work activities. Plus, it will grow your reputation among local residents and other businesses.

Being eco-friendly is all about creativity and thinking outside of the box. Using volunteer days as an incentive to train, teach, and enrich the lives of your employees is a smart way to complete your carbon-natural drive.

Make your business more friendly to the environment by using these three key tips for 2020.

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