How To Root Android Phone Without PC Using Kingo Android Root

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Don’t know how to Root Android Phone ?? Rooting Android Device is easy and there are a lot of methods to root an android device. This article guides on how you can root your android phone without a computer using Kingo Android Root APK. You can also do a lot of stuff like running apps made for rooted devices etc. with a Rooted Android Device. Rooting Android gives you full access to everything in the operating system and allows you to change anything.

Kingo Root APK can also be used to root tablets just like phones. Continue reading this article for a step by step guide on how you can root the android phone without PC using Kingo Root.

Why Root Android Phone?

Android has turned out to be significant in the past few years. With the growing amount of mobile devices, it provides the manufacturers with the freedom to create relatively advanced devices without worrying about the software. The open source platform for Android attracts lots of users towards them with millions of free application without any predicament. This article gives you a step by step guide on how you can root your Android phone without PC.

How To Root Android Phone Without Computer
How To Root Android Phone Without Computer

What Does Rooting Mean For Android !!

The Android developers have designed the platform such that it does not give total control over the device. There are certain pre-installed features and applications on the device which cannot be moderated. So, in order to gain full control and access to your phone or any android device you need to root your device.

Why Should I Root My Android Phone !!

Rooting an Android device is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or macOS. Sometimes users consider root access equivalent to jailbreaking devices running the Apple iOS operating system. However, these are different concepts: Jailbreaking is the bypass of several types of Apple prohibitions for the end user, including modifying the operating system, installing non-officially approved applications via sideloading, and granting the user elevated administration-level privileges.

How To Root Android Phone Easily Without PC Using Kingo Android Root

Rooting Android Phone can be cumbersome to perform and highly challenging. If you do not take proper precautions, you end up bricking up your device. However, don’t worry, here we bring you up with the instructions to root your phone/steps you need to follow to root your Android Phone even without a PC.

How To Root Android Without PC – Part I

Download Kingo Root APK

  1. Here I am going to discuss the process with a fantastic application called Kingo Android Root for rooting the device. Unfortunately, the application is not available on the Google PlayStore, so you need to download the Kingo Android Root APK from the link above.
  2. If you have not downloaded the Kingo Root APK on your Android device, rather you have downloaded king root on PC then transfer it to your device first.
  3. Once you download the apk of the Kingo Android Root application, you need to install it on the same device you desire to root. You have to make sure that installation from unknown sources is allowed on your device otherwise the application may fail to install on your Android device.
  4. To enable installation from Unknown Sources, you need to go to settings then tap on Security. In the security-related lists, you will find a checkbox for Unknown Sources Installation. Just check it and proceed.
how to root android phone without computer
Kingo Root Download

How To Root Android Without PC – Part II

  1. Once the KingoRoot installation is complete, then go and run the application. You will get a welcome screen.
  2. The interface of the application is pretty simple. You will get a one-click root button with the device name and android version displayed below it.
  3. Before you start the rooting process make that the battery of your device has enough charge, I would suggest that you put a charger on while doing it to prevent any unwanted shutting down of your device.
  4. All you need to do is just click on that button to start the rooting process.
  5. Wait a few minutes to get the result. You will get to know whether Kingo Root failed or was able to root your device. It may happen that you got a failed result. However, don’t get disappointed, because rooting from an apk have different methods to implement and that can be applied once at a time. So be patient and try several times.
  6. When your device is finally rooted, you will get a Success message. Still after few attempts, if you fail then you can try the PC version of the same application as it has a higher success ratio.

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Alternative Ways To Root Android Device

Apart from KingoRoot APK, Android Root application, there are other applications available as an option. You could try them as well if the previous application failed to serve its purpose. You can try various rooting apps APK like FramaRoot APK, iRoot, Z4 Root APK, TowelRoot APK etc. for the same. Just keep one thing in mind that these applications are not available on the Google play store, so you need to download it from elsewhere.

Applications/Benefits of Rooting Android Device

Rooting Android Phone can be fun because there are certain Android apps like Lucky Patcher, Greenify, Tasker, etc., which are just made for the rooted devices only. With these apps, you can do a whole lot things that you cannot do with regular Android phones.

You can control different audio devices connected to your phone individually. The power menu can be brought to a whole new level by inserting Reboot to Recovery and Reboot to bootloader as well. You can render the graphics at a lower bit rate so that your CPU can withhold the same and due to this tweak, you can enjoy high-end games without any lag.

We hope this article helped you in rooting android without PC. Thanks for reading, do write in comments if you face any difficulty or have any suggestions.

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