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Proxies are seen as the main intermediaries between servers and clients on the other end of the computer. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the importance of proxies since most of us are ignorant of their existence. A lot of people believe that proxies, especially private proxies, are used by people to allow them to access content from another country that is not allowed in their own. The other reason for using proxies is to ensure that one stays safe while using open Wi-Fi networks. However, these are not the only reasons for using private proxies as seen in this piece.

For Startups, proxies are quite useful for the reasons given below;

1. Perform sensitive tasks anonymously

If you wish while surfing the internet is staying anonymous, then proxies are probably your best options. Due to this advantage, most people who require their privacy to perform certain tasks such as whistleblowers, security officers, and reporters always prefer this kind of services to avoid being tracked by their targets.

In addition to this, your business can also protect current searches on their websites so that company activities are kept a secret from potential hackers or even their competitors. If a spy gives it a try in tracking your business’s website, he will be in rude shock since the proxy always bars them from getting to your servers. The better part is that sensitive tasks should always be done through proxies since no one should come across anything that is not intended for them.

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2. Faster speeds and saving of bandwidth

Proxies are not for working behind operating windows. As a result, many people tend to believe that proxies lower the speed of the internet. However, this is not entirely the case since you can use the same proxies to increase internet speeds. In addition to that, you can as well increase the bandwidth since the web pages and files are often cached. Proxies also compress traffic besides blocking the many ads that pop up on open websites. As a result, bandwidth is freed up and hence you and other employees can access the internet in a more enhanced manner.

3. Helps improve the security of your business

Hacking has been experienced by most business people who operate on the internet. This has, in turn, led to a breach of data, which is quite expensive and tans the public image of your business. However, a proxy minimizes the chances of being hacked since they create extra security. Therefore, before a cyber-criminal gets into your website, he/she has to pass through the proxy, a very daunting procedure.

Although it is really hard to prevent professional hackers from getting past your proxy, there is an assurance that you are not as vulnerable as you would be without the proxy. Staying safe is better than getting caught off-guard.

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4. Proxy controls internet usage in the company

As employers, no one wants their employees to access insecure sites while still logged in to the company’s networks. Due to this setback, most companies have been using proxy servers to avoid such vulnerabilities. Once your business website is run through a proxy server, you will have the discretion to choose which websites people can visit, and also the kind of devices they can use to access them. The proxy servers can also block all inappropriate websites and therefore your employees will not get distracted or lured into the traps of hackers.

Moreover, having a proxy means that you can record every website or content that your employees access. This is especially important to enhance the security of your business.

In conclusion, private proxy servers are important to most since no one gets a chance to access them apart from you. They also shield your business from external attacks thus ensuring that your daily routines run as normal without breach of your data.

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