Necessary Things To Consider For Mobile App Development

Over the last couple of years the internet has moved from web to mobile and mobile apps have become a core necessity of the start up ecosystem. We bring to you some of the basic guidelines you should follow to make mobile app development systematic and effective for you.

Wireframes Are Really Important

Building wireframes at the start saves you time and avoids any rework later on. You should always start with conceptualising your mobile app, make some rough notes and then make some basic sketches of the screens so that you can visualize the UI of your mobile app before you start coding.

Optimize Your App For Efficiency

Always aim for a bug free and fast response mobile apps, slow and buggy apps are bound to get uninstalled. Follow good techniques like DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and write efficient and minimal code. Proper quality check is really important to ensure that the users get a bug free and fast application.

Make Your App Usable On Offline Mode

This is a very important factor you should consider when you design your app. All users will not always be connected to internet at all the times so ensure that your application holds some usefulness when disconnected. If the app does not work when not connected to internet leaves a very bad impression on your clients.

Generic & Uniform Design

Keep consistency in the layout of the app so that user is not confused while using the app and finds it easy to find various “Call To Actions” as he navigates in the app. It’s imperative to keep the fundamental format of your application predictable from page to page.

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Empty State Design

Empty state design or the zero data state receives very less importance since it is a minor part of the user experience but these are the first impression on the users mind when he installs the app. So having proper empty state designs helps in engaging users and inform them about the various functionalities of the app.

Reusable Templates ( DRY )

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) is a very important technique for developers. It helps you save time and also reduces the redundant code. Design your templates and code in such a way that they can be used multiple times instead of writing the same piece of code again & again.

Following the above tips will help you make apps which are easy to maintain and develop. We will soon add more insights on mobile app development so keep updated with us!

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