NordVPN – Forget about Any Threat and Surf the Web Like a King

The people have become smarter these days. They want complete freedom whether it’s about their career or using the internet. Nothing is more important than freedom. Though they can still get the freedom to choose and make their career, how they can get freedom on the internet when everything is getting tracked. You may get away from the prying eyes of the spies, but how can you get away from the eyes of your ISP. Your ISP can track your every activity online and this may become a serious issue when you are caught in something that is unethical.

You might be accessing the website that is blocked or watching a video that is illegal. You may be caught for all the unethical things you do when you are on the internet. So, how to get away from all this stuff? A Virtual private server (VPN) can turn out to be a handy solution for the users. It can help you in accessing the blocked content on the web without getting caught by your ISP or any other third-party. But you also need to be bang-on on your choice of VPN.

If you are having difficulty to find a VPN for yourself then you must give a try to NordVPN. No matter if you are a Windows user, Mac user, or using iOS or Android device, you can download VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android if you have purchased any of the NordVPN’s plans. Let’s go through an in-depth review of NordVPN.

An Introduction to NordVPN

Considered as the ‘Best VPN’ for two consecutive years by, NordVPN has surfaced out from nowhere. From a small VPN provider company in the year 2012 to a big name in the VPN industry in 2017, NordVPN has impressed a huge number of users with its services in short span of time. Its extraordinary features and reasonable price are the reasons behind the exponential growth of this company. Let’s eye at some of the extraordinary features of NordVPN and also know about its VPN plans.

What Extraordinary Features NordVPN Provides to its Users?

  • Wide Range of Servers: It has more than 1000 servers spread in 61 countries around the globe and NordVPN plans to reach all countries of the world soon. The servers are good enough to handle high traffic without throttling the speed. Moreover, it provides 300+ proxies to the users.
  • Easy Setup: You only need to create an account with NordVPN and download the VPN client on your device. Install it on your system following the setup guide or video tutorials. You will be able to browse the internet privately once the installation is completed successfully.
  • No-Logs Policy: Its strict ‘No Logs’ policy ensures that no data is stored on any of its servers. NordVPN doesn’t store any user data on its servers, unlike few other VPNs.
  • Double Data Encryption: It adds an extra layer of security to protect your data from falling into wrong hands. The double data encryption technology encrypts the data twice during the transmission process.
  • DNS Leak Resolver: The DNS leakages can cost you a lot. It is found that your system’s DNS tends to leak your browsing data to the ISP. To prevent this, the NordVPN uses its own DNS servers to handle the user queries. The risk of leaking the information to the ISP is totally eradicated.
  • Automatic Kill Switch: The automatic kill switch technology comes handy when the connection is lost while you are browsing on the internet. This technology simply terminates all the browsing sessions and saves you from any data loss.
  • Multiple Platform Support: Its VPN client is available for Windows and Mac devices. Not only this, NordVPN can also be used on routers and gaming consoles. Apart from this, it has its app for iOS and Android devices too which can be downloaded from Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore respectively. You can even use it on 6 devices simultaneously.

Pricing & Plans

Apart from the 3-Days trial plan, NordVPN offers three different plans to its users with 30-days money back guarantee.

  • Simple: It costs you $11.95 per month and all the features can be utilized under this plan.
  • Standard: It is a half yearly plan which will cost you $7 per month, but you have to pay the amount for 6 months at a stretch. It includes all the features provided by NordVPN to its users.
  • Best Offer: It offers the yearly plan at $5.75/month and you have to pay the total amount for 12 months at a stretch if you are going for this plan. All the NordVPN’s features are included under this plan.

The Final Thoughts

If you were looking for an affordable and trustworthy VPN provider then your search is over with NordVPN. It is one of the finest VPNs you will ever use. Once you switch to this VPN, you will forget any other VPN that you have ever used. A wide range of servers, double data encryption, DNS Leak resolver, automatic kill switch technology, military-grade encryption, and few other features make it stand out different from all other VPN providers. If you have not tried it yet, it’s the time now to give it a try.

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