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Youtube is undoubtedly the most widely used video streaming platform in the world. But there are many features which are not present on Youtube like downloading a video etc. To counter this problem, OGYouTube was launched & it is similar to the original Youtube App.

OGYouTube by OGMods is a modded Youtube App and is a great alternative to the original Youtube app which provides you with many additional features over Youtube. OGYouTube is safe for Android and you can enjoy all the amazing features of OGYouTube once you download the APK by following this tutorial.

Note: You also need to download microG app to sign in to the OGYouTube App.

What is OGYouTube APK?

OGYouTube is an alternative to the original Youtube App with many unique additional features. It is a YouTube client that allows you to download any Youtube videos. You can watch the Youtube videos in the background and also download them directly in MP3 format.

OGYouTube is the best YouTube download client on Android with a very good user interface. In general, OGYouTube works exactly like the official YouTube client with just one small difference : OGYouTube gives you a Download button below each video. This button helps you download any video in any format and quality. With OGYouTube you can do everything which you can do with the official YouTube client.

ogmods youtube apk
OGYouTube Latest Version

OGYouTube APK Features

OGYouTube latest version offers many exciting features not present in the original Youtube App. You can user all these features once you download the OGYouTube APK.

  • Download Videos : You can download any Youtube video easily onto your android device.
  • Download Audio : With OGYouTube, you can download any video in pm3 format.
  • Listen To Video In Background : Using this APK, you can play the videos in the background, so that you switch to any other application while playing the video
  • Download All Video Quality : You can download all qualities for any Video
  • Compatible with all Android Mobile And Tablet Devices
  • OGYouTube gives you swipe controls

Download OGYouTube APK 

Install OGYouTube On Android

After you have downloaded the OGYouTube APK from the above link, please follow these steps to install OGYouTube on your android device.

  • In order to use OGYouTube without problems, you need to download microG for OGYouTube on your android device

Download microG For OGYouTube

  • Enable Unknown Sources on your android device.
    Settings —> Security —> Unknown Sources
  • After downloading microG for OGYT, install microG for OGYouTube on your device
  • Now, download OGYouTube APK latest version from the above link on your Android device
  • Install OGYouTube on your Android device
  • Open OGYouTube, if it prompts for Update, then simply choose “Later”
OGYouTube OGMods
  • Now enjoy using the OGYouTube app on your Device and enjoy the awesome experience with OGYouTube

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FAQ’s – OGYouTube APK

Q1. Is It Safe To Use OGYouTube APK ?
A1. Yes, the OGYouTube APK has no viruses or malware. It is 100% safe to use.

Q2. Is OGYouTube Available For iPhone ?
A2) No, OGYouTube is not available for iPhone right now, but we hope to see future updates for iOS also.

Q3. Is It Better than The Original YouTube App?
A3. With so many additional features, OGYouTube is definitely better than the YouTube App

Q4. Videos are not working in Background On OGYouTube ?
A4.  Some devices do not support play background, but in most of the devices, it works. If videos are not working in the background, then open OGYouTube app, click On Settings –> Downloads, and Tick on Enable Screen-off Playback” and “Enable Background Playback.

Q5. Does OGYouTube APK Supports ATR ?
A5. Yes, OGYouTube supports ATR , on all android version like Lollipop, Marshmallow devices.

Q6. OGYouTube Is Crashing on My Android Device?
A6. If OGYouTube keep’s crashing on your device, them please try a different version of the app to check compatibility.

Q8. Should I Uninstall  Official YouTube App to use OGYouTube ?
A8. No, You don’t need to uninstall the official Youtube App to use OGYouTube.

Q9. I am not able to Sign in Into my Account , What Should I Do?
A9. If you are using this app without Xposed Module, then Sign in Feature will not work, the work is in progress on it. Please download and install below 3 apps one by one on your device. After this open the OGYouTube App, this will fix the sign in issue.

  • GoogleServicesFramework
  • GoogleAccountManager
  • GooglePlayServices


We hope that this article was able to help you in downloading the OGYouTube APK For Android. You can now enjoy OGYouTube on your device and download any video from Youtube. If you face any difficulty in downloading OGYouTube then please write to us in comments, we will be happy to help you. Do write to us in comments.

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