6 Online Opportunities for Young Adults

Earn Online

A full-time job is good but let’s face it, relying on your salary is risky if you have a lot of bills to take care of. It is smart to take on opportunities that will help you earn extra income. Even if you are comfortable in life with a part-time job only, having extra cash stashed for rainy days will surely come handy someday.

There are plenty of legitimate ways to earn income on top of your nine-to-five. You can even use the internet to make money online and how much you make depends on how much time and energy you devote to it. If you’re curious, here are helpful online opportunities you can try:

Buy & Sell Business

This is perhaps the most common and straightforward to earn money online. You can use your interests to start an online buy and sell business. Many people like the convenience of buying and selling things on the internet because it’s not hard to purchase items or open up an online store thanks to various ecommerce platforms and payment systems.

You can sell anything you want ranging from clothes, makeup, bags, and electronics. If you have branded items you no longer use that are in good condition consider putting those stuff for sale online. When someone buys it from your online store, you can directly receive the payment in your account or have it deposited to your bank. This kind of passive income hits two birds with one stone because it gets rid of stuff cluttering your place and provides you with extra income.

Freelance Job Orders

This is an active income opportunity. Going freelance means you work on job orders in your spare time. You will answer to one or multiple clients and deliver what is asked for you.

You may want to think about undertaking freelance if your main job is demanding of your time and energy. There are many websites for freelancers and the jobs vary. You can opt to use the skills you already use for your nine-to-five or utilize the others you have. If you work in a technical field and have creative talents, you can use freelancing to work like content writing and graphic design.

Make A Blog

Starting a blog can be intimidating at first but once you get the ball rolling, it can be a good source of passive income for you. If writing is something that has always been natural with you then you will enjoy blogging. Couple it with your interests and you will find yourself writing for the correct audience.

Once your blog has a following, you can put up AdSense or similar advertising plugins. You can even offer your readers with more in-depth instruction or information regarding a popular topic in your blog via email courses, ebooks, training or online conference. You may even find sponsors who will want to work with you too.

Host a Podcast

There’s been a lot of buzz on podcasts and people are jumping left and right to host one. A person as inexperienced as yourself can definitely host a podcast of your own thanks to technology and the availability of instruction on the internet. Publishing a podcast is easy but the hardest parts are getting people to tune in and populating your followers.

The first step to establishing your listener base is consistency. You will need to set what your podcast niche is. Ideally, it should be a topic you’re an expert on or genuinely interested in because you’ll find a lot of things to talk about it.

You make money off podcasts by featuring advertisers. There will be a lot of work and considerations involved in hosting one including writing, editing, and recording it. It may not be an easy start at first but once you find your rhythm and growing your audience then attracting sponsors will be a breeze.

Make Money Off of Social Media

Social media networks are all the rage these days and with billions of users it’s not hard to imagine monetizing connections. In fact, influencers with a lot of followers are frequently sponsored to advertise products online. If you plan to pursue this avenue, know that you need to establish trust with your following and that you don’t need thousands to millions of followers in order to make money. If you need more tips on how to make money on social media, read this informative article.

Subscription-Box Business

The subscription-box business is a lucrative one, with the top subscription-service providers raking in about $2.6 billion in 2016, according to Business2Community. People are willing to pay good money for a monthly subscription to premium items, daily essentials, or even limited-edition products or rarities.

If you’re a noob at this, you can always bootstrap your way to subscription-service success. You need, first and foremost, to have a solid business model and determine your product segments. For example, do you want food products, lifestyle products, beauty products, or pet treats? When you’ve figured that out, you can look for suppliers. You’ll also need an e-commerce platform where customers can look at your latest offerings and place their orders.

Know, of course, that you should have a well-curated and interesting assortment of full-size and sample-size products. It’s also important to have high-quality packaging that can, by itself, do the marketing for you. After all, the unboxing experience is crucial to making a good first impression, and a gorgeous-looking mailer box gives the impression that its contents are highly valuable.

Final Word

Life is what you make it and every day a lot of opportunities pop up. That doesn’t mean you should grab the first one that comes your way. Take it easy and do your research to find out if an online opportunity is for you.

How do you make money or search for opportunities to do so online? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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