5 Reasons to Earn a Heavy Equipment Credential

Heavy Equipment Credential

What do you want to do with your life? How many times have you heard that question?

You might have heard it from the people around you. You might have even pondered it yourself a time or two. Yet nothing sticks, so you manoeuvre from job to job, looking for something you can make into a career.

Do you like working in the great outdoors? Have you always enjoyed working with your hands? Do you look at construction sites and think: I can do that?

Maybe you can. When you earn your heavy equipment credentials, you’ll be in an industry that’s in high demand.

Heavy equipment operators work with heavy equipment on a daily basis. They calculate safe loads, they follow blueprints, they ensure their machinery is operating properly and safely.

To work with heavy equipment, you’ll be working with bulldozers, cranes, excavators, forklifts, and other machinery designed to transport, erect, and install construction materials. Construction jobs are needed everywhere, in rural locations and in urban environments. If you’re willing to travel, you can go any place you desire. Once you have the right skill set, there are people all over the world looking to hire.

But what does it take? Why should you consider getting your heavy equipment credentials right now?

Heavy Equipment Jobs Are Here to Stay

Look around you right now. Buildings, roads, bridges—we always move forward as a society. There will always be a need for something new. As we advance technologically, the way we build and construct will change right along with it.

The government will always hire for new projects. Who’s going to add new roads? Or improve the bridge systems we have in place?

Private companies will also be demanding skilled workers. Have you seen how urban skylines are changing? People want to move to city centers and have walkable communities.

All of that means growth. And it means we’ll need people to construct what we need.

The world continues to change and grow over time. And if you have the skills and credentials necessary to meet a company’s requirements, you’ll be a shoo-in for the job.

Fully Trained Heavy Equipment Operators Are More Hireable

Have you ever thought about what it takes to operate heavy machinery? You can’t just jump into an excavator and understand how it works. You can’t climb into a crane and expect to get to work.

To operate a crane, for instance, you have to understand the concept of lifting a load and placing it where it needs to be. One mistake and you could put you and others in jeopardy.

Of course, you need things like good eyesight, being comfortable working at varying heights, having good hand-eye coordination, and being able to follow verbal and written instructions well.

But to prove to a company you have what it takes to be a great employee, you need something more. And that comes from credentials and experience. With the right training program, you’ll walk into your first job having both. Then, the more experience you gain, the more in demand you’ll become. You’ll show potential employers you’re the right person for the job.

Fully Trained Heavy Equipment Operators Are Better Paid

In all of the jobs you’ve had before, who has been better paid? Experience counts, right?

It’s no different in construction. Those who understand what to do, and have proof, will automatically be more in demand.

While employers like to train people to fit in with their own internal culture, they don’t want to start at the beginning. The more skills you have when you walk on a job site, the bigger an asset you’ll be to the company.

If you’re fully trained in handling heavy equipment, that means you can take action immediately. You’re qualified, and they’re willing to pay for your experience.

The More You Know, the More in Demand You Become

Training programs are not equal. Compare two potential hires. The first took an online course and received credentials after “studying” six hours of video training. The second spent weeks in both classroom and job-site instruction.

Who do you think looks better to a potential employer?

When companies look for new people to hire, they want the best their money can buy. They look for people thoroughly committed to their future potential. They want to know you’ll be committed to your job.

An online, one-day training course doesn’t give them a lot of faith in your potential. But when you take the time to spend weeks training and learning new skills, it shows that you’re committed to the process. You want this. You’ve thought a lot about it. And you’re ready to be an important part of the team.

Heavy Equipment Credentials Mean You Care About Your Career

The more you invest in your future, the better it shows up on your resume.

Signing up for a heavy equipment program shows you’ve thought about your future direction. Receiving your heavy equipment credentials tells potential employers you’re building a career. Not just looking for another job. You want growth and stability within this industry. This is where you’re putting your time and your energy for a brighter future.

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Are You Ready for a New Career?

Are you intrigued by working in the construction industry? Does the thought of gaining your heavy equipment credentials still make you want to press on?

What’s your next step?

There are several directions you can choose.

You can go with the quick-and-easy way. You’ll find all kinds of online programs that promise you results. But if you stop and think about it, you’ll know this isn’t the best path. If you’ll be out in the field operating heavy equipment, how can you do that without touching a piece of machinery?

You can find apprenticeship programs through unions or the government. They’ll provide both classroom and on-the-job training over time.

Or you can jump right in and take charge of your career. By signing up for a top-notch training program, you’ll show potential employers how committed you are to your future.

We offer you that fast-track to success. And we’re here to work with you to help you from beginning to end. If you have questions about anything, just ask the staff at West Coast Training.

Are you ready to take charge of your career? Will heavy equipment credentials help you find what you’ve been looking for? If so, take the first step today and contact us. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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