Recover Photos from SD Cards With Disk Drill Software


We all have lost important files at some point in time and it really hurts!  It’s even frustrating when others give you lectures on how you messed up. Although, backups are important if you don’t have a backup then this article is going to be of great help to you.

We will discuss Disk Drill, a free sd card recovery mac app that can get your missing files back from SD cards. The free version of this tool helps you identify whether your files can be recovered before you move ahead with upgrade plans. There may be situations where the hard drive may get corrupt or damaged, thus making recovery impossible, Disk Drill also helps you corrupted sd card recovery mac.

What Is Disk Drill?

Cleverfiles Disk Drill is one of the best SD card recovery Mac app supporting Mac OS X 10.8.5 and newer. It a low-cost solution to that gives value for money by recovering all your lost files both from an SD card or a MicroSD card. micro sd card recovery mac app

How We Recover?

When a file is deleted or a drive is formatted, the data isn’t actually deleted. It just that the address of the data storage is lost.

Till we don’t override that data by adding more data to the drive, it is present on the drive. Enter, Disk Drill is a mac app to recover photos from sd card and all your lost files and it uses a variety of complex techniques for recovery.

Disk Drill can make your life a lot easier when you lose your data by accidentally formatting the wrong hard drive. In addition, it also offers a space-saving tool.

Features Of Disk Drill

Below are some of the most important features of Disk Drill.

  • Quick Scan
  • Deep Scan
  • Full HD Scan
  • Word Doc Recovery
  • Video File Recovery
  • Image File Recovery
  • Deleted Partition Recovery

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Steps To Recover:

  • Step 1: When you realize you lost data on your SD card, stop using the device.
  • Step 2: Install Disk Drill, requires Mac OS X 10.8.5 or newer.
  • Connect Device: SD/MicroSD Card should be connected to the computer before you start the recovery.
  • Scan SD Card: Click “Recover” to start recovery.

These are basic guidelines, do read the complete guide on their official website.


Your old data, files, and photos are really important to you and you can’t afford to lose them. It is always advised that you keep a backup, you can use Google Drive for backups.

Disk Drill is an awesome tool and is user-friendly. The best part is that you can get to know whether your files can be recovered or not in the free version before buying the upgrade plan. If you have any important data to recover than do try Disk Drill.

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