Rotating Proxies: What Are They?

Rotating Proxies

You have probably heard about ‘rotating IP address.’ But, if you haven’t heard about the term yet, don’t worry – you are at the right place – you are going to see the light at the end of the tunnel! So, what does rotating IP address mean?

Before dissecting IP address rotation, we need to go through the basics first. To understand this practice and its importance, you need to have a clear understanding of proxies.

Rotating IP Address: What Are Proxies?

A proxy server or just a proxy is what allows a user to enjoy indirect network connections to other services and locations using their device. In other words, the proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the target site. What this means is that a proxy server establishes a secure connection every time you browse the internet. A proxy will mask your business’ IP address so that you enjoy high levels of anonymity online.

Anytime you browse the internet using a proxy, your requests flow through your device into the proxy server before reaching the destination page. The server will send the request on behalf of your computer. On the other hand, traffic will flow from the destination page, through the proxy server then into your computer. This way, your company’s original IP address will not be exposed.

Rotating IP Address: Types of Proxies

There are different types of proxy servers. Here are the most common types.

Data Center Proxies

This type of proxies is neither dependent on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) nor your internet connection. Typically, third-party corporations and companies provide these proxies. The proxies will have their IP addresses. Every time you use this type of proxies, the servers will mask your original IP address by assigning you a different new IP address for anonymous browsing.

Residential Proxies

If you have an internet connection at your home, then you have a residential IP address. This IP is usually assigned to you by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). A residential IP is a legit one attached to a specific location.

For instance, a business person in Russia can purchase a residential IP address in New York. When the Russian uses this residential proxy server, the business will get a connection as if they are in the United States (New York). Residential proxies ensure high levels of online anonymity.

Rotating IP Address

Every computer connected to the internet usually has an IP address. The address makes it possible for a computer to communicate with different online resources over the internet. IP rotation is a process that involves the distribution of assigned IP addresses to a device at scheduled intervals or at random by an IP address rotation software or by an administrator.

An administrator can rotate IP addresses in a transparent process to the user. For instance, an active connection through an ISP, an IP address from a pool of IPs will be attached to the connection. When the user disconnects and then reconnects, the administrator, where in this case is the ISP, will assign the user any available IP address, thus bringing about IP rotation.

Internet Service Providers usually carry out rotation because they have fewer IP addresses as compared to the number of users.

An internet user can choose to rotate their IP address to operate work under multiple addresses for specific reasons and purposes. Some of the reasons for anonymity could be data scraping and crawling.

A well-configured proxy can rotate IP addresses from a pool of addresses. Using rotating proxies, you can enjoy multiple connections using just one computer or device. Rotating proxies make data scraping and crawling even easier.

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Importance of Rotating IP Address

IP address rotation is essential, especially when carrying out activities (such as web crawling and data scrapping) that require high levels of anonymity. Rotational proxies have various benefits. Here is why your company could need IP address rotation.

Rotating IP address:

  • Enhances anonymity levels
  • Makes web crawling and data scraping hassle-free
  • Ensures that you are not blocked when scrapping info – rotating proxies when scraping data mimic organic behaviour which makes it hard for sites to detect any bot-like activity

For effective IP rotation, your business needs to have a pool of IP addresses for your company to choose from – this is why you should find a proxy provider that offers a vast pool of IPs. Data scraping and web crawling require the use of a reliable proxy server.

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