Saregama Carvaan Review – Portable Music Player


Released by Saregama, the renowned label in Indian music, Saregama Carvaan brings back retro music in a modern style. It is basically a Bluetooth speaker and it looks like a vintage radio. The price of this speaker is INR 5990. Apart from its other features, the most interesting one is that it has 5000 classic songs and also has a built in radio. A perfect gift for people who love classic hindi music, Saregama Carvaan won’t need any Internet connection. Let’s take a good look at more of its features.


The design of the speaker is its main highlight. Saregama Carvaan, looking similar to an old radio, is a 1.5 kg speaker with an audio wattage of total 6W, which is basically 3W in each driver. The outer design is very creative and gives it an antique look. It would surely look amazing sitting on a side table, filling the room with the best music.

Saregama Carvaan has features like a USB, FM radio, Bluetooth and to play their inbuilt collection of songs, there is the Saregama mode. One of the most famous music labels of India responsible for more than half of the music that is recorded in India. The history of the label dates back to 1901.

Also, Carvaan has another classic speciality. The radio commentary by Ameen Sayani, called Geetmala, is also a part of the device and it dates back to 1950s. Tryout ordering Sargama Carvaan Online via AliExpress Coupon India at best rates.


Carvaan has the looks of a portable radio from the old times. The finish of its plastic gives it such a classic look that you would think it was made back in 1970s – 80s. The designing has been done beautifully. There are large metal buttons places in the front that are the controls to the content that is stored on the device. The knobs and buttons are just like a real classic radio has. Under the knob, there runs a band, black in color. This depicts the area where a real classic radio used to have the frequency charts. Here in carvaan, the band has been used for LCD display.

The handle has also been added to make it completely look like a portable radio. It is metallic and plastic, and can be turned to make it disappear from the sight. The left side of the speaker has four buttons. The four buttons are the four modes – USB, Bluetooth, Saregama and radio FM.

The right side of the device has the volume dial made up of plastic and just below that, there is a headset 3.5 mm port. The top of Carvaan has a power button and a battery indicator. Now to give it more of a radio look, the lower half of the front has grille which covers the two speakers. The back side of the device is plain with USB port, a micro USB charging port and a reset button.


When the Saregama Carvaan is turned on for the first time, the first mode it plays is the Saregama mode’s Geetmala. The tuning knob can be used to move forward in the years, from 1952, you can move to 1979. Under the same knob are the buttons that let you move to the next or previous track. Also, there is a moods button and you can choose the genre you want to listen to. There is one artistes button, and you can rotate it to choose among various singers. The artists and songs might seem unorganized. Another disappointment is that there is no aux attachment port. Turning the knob gives a nostalgic feel of actually using a 70s radio. You can also place your order online with Tata Cliq Offers which will avail your best discounted rates.


Once charged, Carvaan lasts for about four hours if you keep the volume to the peak. In comfortable mode, it will last up to six hours with one charge. It surely isn’t up to the mark and can be better.


You won’t buy Carvaan because it’s a Bluetooth speaker, you will buy it because of its 5000 classic songs. With its nostalgic design and functioning, it is a must buy for music lovers and people who like vintage looking gadgets. The speaker is average and finding songs on the device is a tough task, but it’s great for those interested in listening to the classic radio Geetmala.

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