9 Simple Ways Businesses Can Go Green And Save Money By Doing So

Go Green Businesses

Social consciousness is on the rise, and that’s resulting in more businesses than ever moving towards being more friendly to the environment. Many of them are learning along the way that doing this is actually good for business, given the money that they can save.

When any business can save money, it means more they can invest right back into their business, keep in the bank, or return to owners, investors, and shareholders. Going green has a lot of benefits to it. Keep reading to learn 9 simple ways your business can go green and save some money.

Fewer Paper Products

Small business owner Dean Anderson, from Pronto Finance says, “one part of going green is moving over to paperless operations.” They explain “scanning crucial documents into a cloud network cuts down on your business’ paper waste, as well as all the consumables that go into printing. You can probably cut how much paper you buy by half in just the first year.”

Multiple-Use Items

Insulated, reusable shopping bags are far better for the world than single-use bags that don’t get recycled nearly as much as they should. Take the opportunity to brand your bags with company mottos and logos to promote your business. When you provide these bags to consumers for free or nominal cost, they’re likely to take care of them and keep using them over and over.

Water Dispensary Features

Many companies offer consumers, and even employees, bottled water as a complimentary courtesy. However, plastic bottles aren’t always recycled or even recyclable. Also, a quarter of all bottled water comes from someone’s municipal water supply somewhere.

Basically, it’s all filtered tap water. Rather than waste money on bottled water shipped from afar, why not put in a filtration-dispensing system that everyone can use. You save money, minimise waste, and help the world out.

Reduced Utilities

Utility bills for a big company can easily hit thousands each month. LED bulbs and other energy-efficient fixtures often offer better light, need less power, and commonly last longer.

Credits On Your Taxes

National, regional, and municipal governments of all levels offer tax credits to businesses that work within their own spaces to improve the environment, both locally and globally. Look for tax credits in terms of reduced emissions, energy efficiency, solar energy, and many other green efforts.

Potential For Investment

Investors love pouring their money into any company trying to work towards green standards while also minimising overhead costs.

Over the long-term, they get better returns on their investments, they’re also more likely to put more into your company in the future. Saving money is always great, but having more investor dollars available helps expedite product development and company expansion.

Some investors won’t even deal with companies that aren’t at least making an effort to go green. That’s just because it matches their personal beliefs. Even older investors might be worried about what kind of world they’re going to be leaving behind. Also, quite a few investment funds are focused on making a positive difference in the global economy, and will also have matching standards. Their investment funds just won’t be available to anyone not going green.

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Mass Transit

Using mass transit and carpooling to get everyone to work does wonders for reducing pollution.

Businesses offering incentives rewarding the usage of public transportation, mass transit, carpooling, or even cycling and walking to work is a business truly promoting going green. Such incentives get vehicles off the road, improving local air-quality. It also means creating stronger relationships with staff and consumers.

Property Landscaping

The right landscaping on your business lot removes CO2 from the air, replacing it with fresh oxygen. That helps consumers and staff alike breathe easier, which is always better for business.

You’ll see more productivity and fewer sick days taken. You’ll also filter out various atmospheric toxins that trigger illnesses and allergies.

Telecommuting From Elsewhere

With a good cloud network put into place, you don’t need all your employees in your office at all times. Advancements in technology permit screen sharing, wireless communication, and video conference calls.

Since telecommuting employees work from home or elsewhere, they’re not using the equipment and utilities of the office, which saves even more money. Just make sure that telecommuting employees shut down everything in their office the day before so they don’t waste energy when not there.

Final Thoughts

Going green proves beneficial for many companies. In a number of cases, your brand might look like an industry leader with such efforts, as you meet the social demands of consumers for earth-ethical companies. Tax incentives are certainly a huge benefit to going green, but you can also enjoy lower overhead, better employee morale, fewer sick days, and enhanced productivity.

For that matter, many consumers only spend money and time with companies going green, so soon enough, this will be not just advantageous, but necessary.

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