Smart Pet Gadgets for Your Furry Friends

Smart Pet Gadgets for Your Furry Friends

Technology has made our lives easier, more comfortable, and more fun. It has the potential to do the same for your pet, thanks to a variety of tech gadgets specifically designed for our furry friends. These gadgets are designed to entertain and care for your pets when you are away, and some may turn out to be real life savers. Here is a review of five tech for pet lovers gadgets that every pet owner needs.

Pet Feeder

Your pet needs to eat regularly every day to stay healthy. However, they cannot be trusted to feed at scheduled times, so leaving food for them in a bowl when going to work is out of the question. So, what do you do when you have to go to work and leave your pet at home all alone? Answer: get a pet feeder.

Pet feeders are designed to pour out food for your pet at scheduled times. These smart machines are intelligent and programmable. This means that you can determine a feeding schedule, and even control how much food your pet eats. Some are also designed to pour out water for your pet – pets don’t drink as much water as they should, which is not good for their health.

Your pet will not know what the pet feeder is for at first. As such, take some time to train him/her until he/she knows where to go for food when you are not home. It is recommended to place the pet feeder close to where your pet usually eats.

Smart Collar

Pets are curious and can easily wander off and get lost. The last thing you want is to lose your furry friend. You can avoid this by fitting them with a smart collar that will enable you to keep tabs on them.

Virtually all smart collars come fitted with tracking chips. These chips relay the pet’s location in real time, and you can track them via an app on your phone or computer. They save pet owners a lot of time and trouble whenever their pets wander off.

Smart collars also come with a variety of other capabilities. For instance, they can be programmed to notify you when a pet leaves a set geographical parameter. They also come in handy for training new pets. Their capabilities range from the basic to the sophisticated.

Smart Pet Door

Is your pet an outdoor enthusiast? Do you often have trouble letting them in and out of the house? You should get a smart pet door.

A smart pet door will automatically let your pet in and out of the house, hence saving you a lot of time and trouble. They function by monitoring and recognizing a unique chip that should be attached to the pet’s collar – the door opens once the pet comes in range and closes once he/she goes out of range. This also means that you don’t have to worry about wild animals getting into the house through the pet door. These doors are also programmable, so you can schedule when and how many times your pet leaves the house.

Smart Pet Monitor

Do you ever wish that you could see your furry friend and talk to them when away at work or travelling? Or sometimes you get worried that your pet is up to no good and just want to see how bad the mess is. You can keep an eye on them using a smart pet monitor. These monitors let you keep an eye on your pet through an in-built camera, and they can also link to footage from the security cameras installed around your house.

You can connect to the monitor and summon your pet. You can also speak to your furry friend thanks to an in-built microphone.

The smart pet monitor may scare or confuse your pet at first (their reactions are usually hilarious, so don’t forget to record your first interactions). As such, train your pet to get used to it and show them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Smart Pet Toy

Pets get bored when left in the house all day long. It is not fair. They need something to keep them engaged and entertained, and there are lots of tech gadgets designed to do just that.

There are lots of pet toys for pets. If your pet is a cat, you should get them an automatic laser programmed to move the laser randomly – that will keep them busy for hours when you are away. If you have a dog, you should get an automatic ball thrower for them to play with in the backyard.

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Final Word

Your furry friend deserves to have some fun, and these tech gadgets are designed to facilitate that and do more. These gadgets are helpful and reliable, and there is no doubt that your pet will love them.

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