Step by Step Directions for Cleaning Tile Floors

Before you Start

The first thing you want to do is use a vacuum to clear away any loose debris. You will then want to get your all-purpose solution and mix it with warm water. If you would prefer, you could even use a mild, homemade detergent.

Get your rag or non-sponge mop and submerge it in the solution. Avoid using steel wool when cleaning tiles because it can scratch the floor.

Then, I would strongly recommend putting on your rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cleaning solution.

Polished Tile

With cleaning solution and rag or mop, scrub the floor in small sections. Thoroughly rinse the tile with clean water to avoid residue left over from the cleaning solution. To increase the overall shine of the floor and to avoid water spots, dry carefully with a towel.

Textured Tile

Tile floors with more texture in them require different cleaning procedures because it is more difficult to keep them clean as dirt can get trapped in the texture.

You will then need to saturate your textured tile floor with the cleaning solution. Let the cleaning solution stay on the floor for between five and ten minutes.

After the solution has set, scrub the floor with a tile nylon cleaning brush. You want to scrub the floor in two different directions in order to get all the crevices.

Using clean water, rinse the tile down to remove the cleaning solution and wipe with rag.

Finally, dry floor with towel.

Tile Floor in Bathroom

Because the bathroom is exposed to more germs and mildew it is important that the floors are properly sanitized. Cleaning the floor should be done last in the bathroom cleaning process. Just as the other floors, you would begin by vacuuming up any dirt or hair. You can check out Vac Geek for more information about tile floor vacuum.  

Instead of using a more mild cleaning solution, you should use a sanitizing solution. One that includes bleach is ideal for bathrooms. You can even make your own simple solution with just water and bleach.

Stick a mop with a side that has a scrubbing function into your bleach solution and scrub over bathroom floor. Make sure to focus on dirtier areas such as around the tub and the base of the toilet. Rinse with water. Then dry using a white towel as not to stain a colored one.

Cleaning Grout

When the grout with your tile floors is clean, that is when they look their best. Grout is absorbent and can take in grease and other stains to make the floors look dull. The best way to maintain grout is to create a paste simply using baking soda and water.

Apply the paste to the grout and allow it to sit overnight. The next day, scrub the grout with a nylon cleaning brush. A toothbrush also works very well. Rinse away excess paste and repeat process as necessary.

What to do About Stains

Different stains require different cleaning approaches. Stains should be removed from floor before starting the main cleaning process.

Nail Polish:

Saturate a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Apply the cotton ball to the stain for a few seconds. Dab, do not rub, the stain until it is no longer there. May use hydrogen peroxide after nail polish remover to make sure all nail polish has been dissolved.

Gum or wax:

Get several ice cubes and put them inside a plastic bag that can be resealed. Lay the bag over the gum or wax on the tile. The cold from the ice cube will solidify the gum or wax and once that happens you can scrape it off with a popsicle stick or craft stick.


Mix club soda and water. Using a rag, rub the stain away.

Ink or dye:

Make a small mixture of bleach and water. Stick a rag or cloth in the mixture and lay over the stain. Let the rag or cloth remain on the stain until it is no longer visible. Then, rinse the area thoroughly with clean water.


Create a small mixture of ammonia and water. Scrub the stain with a rag or cloth. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Blood Stain:

With a paper towel or rag and hydrogen peroxide, dab the stain several times until lifted.

After removing the stains from the floor, continue to cleaning process as normal.

Maintaining a Clean Floor

Using a vacuum for tile floors more frequently during the week can minimize the amount of scrub cleaning that needs to be done in the future. You can even do a quick run of a mop over the tiles once a week to fight off frequent stains.

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