The Budget Smartphone for Travel

Budget Smartphone For Travel

Traveling has far gone out of the hands of a tour guide and sightseeing and has become a challenge to explore, discover and capture. However, as cool traveling has become, it also has a way of stressing you out with planning and managing everything.

No matter how many times you have traveled before, there is always something you will tend to forget to pack before taking on a trip. May it be a toothbrush or your travel adapter, something always gets left behind. However, there are some things you must not forget, such as your passport, phone and credit card. However, your smartphone is probably something you can absolutely not forget. Keep in mind how your phone can carry on both your passport and online banking options.

The most efficient way for you to pack for a trip is to make a list of travel essentials – a list of all the things you know you might need during your trip such as a taxi to take you to your hotel or rest house, a map to guide you to the places you want to see and some change currency etc. These things are just as important as packing your pair of slippers or your favourite dress that you plan to wear to that cocktail party in Bangkok. Your phone can take care of all of that. From booking online flights, downloading the right apps on your smartphone to helping you build your photography career, your phone can be your best friend that will come in handy to improve your journey. Travel experts swear by some of the best smartphones to ensure you a smooth and safe trip and that will not break your bank either.

Why are smartphones essential?

Smartphones are crucial for traveling — you can use them to navigate new cities, translate phrases and questions in an unfamiliar language, to check exchange rates, book cabs and, of course, take amazing photos of your trip that you can post and share on your social media then and there.
If you’re traveling and looking for a budget smartphone or need a phone with a dual sim feature so you can get a foreign sim card and not lose yours, check out our list of best options. These phones are some of the best based on design, features, performance, camera quality and most importantly, battery life.

Motorola Moto G6

Motorola Moto G6 is ranked as the best budget smartphone for travelers. But, unlike many other lower-cost handsets, the G6 doesn’t look quite classy and sleek, with an all-glass design that sets it apart at the low-cost market.
However, it’s the inside that counts and with a mid-range Snapdragon 450 chipset, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage that’s upgradeable via the micro-SD slot, G6 tops in that category as well. The phone set has an excellent battery life with a better USB-C charging to fill your phone more when you are running out of time.
The 5.7″ display with dual rear cameras, a fingerprint sensor and a headphone jack complete the handset. You can just shake the phone twice to turn on the flashlight when you notice a sound coming from behind the bushes while climbing mountains.

One Plus

One Plus is another quite affordable option that will serve the purpose and still not break your bank. It looks as elegant and chic as an Apple or Samsung, only less expensive.
With 8GB of RAM, you can use multiple apps at the same time without it lagging and frustrating you when you really need to book an Uber while browsing what to visit next.
You can just bring one set of headphones for your computer, and your smartphone because One Plus has the regular headphone jack.

Huawei Mate 9

When you are exploring a city or hiking through the glorious mountains, you often lose track of time. The Huawei Mate 9, with its long-lasting battery, will make sure you find your way back.
The display is perfect for photography and streaming movies, and the processor can handle work-friendly tasks like Adobe Photoshop Express so you can edit your pictures then and there.

Google Pixel

Word on the street is, Google Pixel is probably the fastest-performing android phone which it proves by its ability to create stable, smooth videos even if your scene is heavily action-packed. Just as its name suggests, the handset provides a high-end visual experience.

LG Electronics V20

The best thing about the LG Electronics V20 is its swappable battery that allows its user to go for long stretches of time without having to find a switch to plug the handset in.
The remarkable video recording, next-level Quad DAC audio, integrated fingerprint reader 4GB of RAM paired with 64GB of storage to make extra room for photos, videos, audio, and other files makes the handset stand out.

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