3 Things to look for when shopping for a loan

things to know about loan

Despite being excellent at saving for the rainy days, we can often find ourselves with not good enough amount of money lying around to pursue different interests. It could be starting a business, purchasing inventory for an existing enterprise, investing in promising education, among a plethora of other business or personal obligations that require financing. Thanks to loans, amounts of money available to borrow for a given period with an agreeable payment schedule. 

Unravelled below is a trio of the most critical factors to consider while in the hunt for advancing. They include:

1. Favourable interest rates among other costs

Despite promising the lender some percentage of profit at the lapse of the lending period, getting a loan is in the best of the borrower’s financial interests. Consequently, regardless of the type of loan you seek, keenly scrutinize the interest rates among other costs such as origination fees. 

The best loan to consider is one with the lowest annual percentage rate (APR). APR refers to the total amount it will cost to service a loan every year that you will have the credit. It captures both the interest rate of the loan plus other additional charges. The additional charges, some of which are paid upfront, include; origination fees, appraisal fees, underwriting fees, administration fees, credit report fees, and processing fees. 

2. The period you will have to repay the loan 

Different reputable lenders such as Nation 21 loans offer varying loan packages; payable over different periods to suit different lendees. Most standard personal loans require a period of between one to five years to services. However, based on the agreement between the lender and the lendee, the period could be much shorter than a year. 

Generally, more extended repayment periods are associated with lower monthly payments but higher interest rates. However, they offer more flexibility in terms of the time one has to repay the credit. On the vice versa, shorter repayment periods come with higher monthly instalments but lower interest rates. Whatever case works for you, it is crucial that you balance between the flexibility you will enjoy in repaying the lending and the interest accrued over time. 

3. The range within which you can borrow

Usually, loan lenders will try as much as possible to sell you the APR without mentioning the range within which you can borrow. Since you are consciously aware of why you need a loan, figure out whether the amount the financial institution is offering you is good enough to cater to your needs. It is advisable that you work with a lender that meets your borrowing needs. 

Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to find the tempting offer of being in a position to borrow more than you had anticipated. Under such circumstances, stick with your initial borrowing plan to avoid overstretching your financial abilities while paying back. If your lender can go beyond meeting your borrowing needs, avoid the temptation of getting more than you require.

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