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There must be instances where your default Play Store is not satisfying you with the best ever features that you want. They might not have as many apps that are available in your friend’s app stores. In this case, you can use any of the following stores.

Amazon Appstore

The Amazon app store is often the first choice of app lovers when it comes to installing apps that are unavailable in the default app store. Apart from apps, there are books, games, and music for free and some for paid and the price is competitive.
Amazon Appstore also has the free app of the day stand where the store offers paid apps exclusively on the Amazon store.
The only problem with this is that it has a very limited collection of applications that might not please you.
It is definitely worth the try.


GetJar app store is one of the oldest app stores ever. It has more than 8 lakh apps that support a number of platforms like Windows, Blackberry, and Android.

The organizational characteristics of Getjar are excellent. There are a number of categories and sub-categories that help you to pick the right app according to your needs and purpose. All the apps are in apk format that makes it much smaller in size and hence, Getjar speeds up your app downloads when compared to your default app store. You may also like to read this article on 5 best app store for iOS.

Getjar may not have virus-free apps as it fetches apps from third-party sites, so a little safety is recommended.


Mobogenie app store has a very well designed interface that appeals a lot to its users. It has recommendation technology that keeps you up to date with the best and the newest apps according to your tastes. You can also install music, files, video, and pictures. It supports almost all platforms including PC.

It is versatile and flexible. You can even sign up and access your content on all devices including wish list and pending downloads. The purchases are completely secured and the apps are legal. It must be tried. But there have been reports of malicious files, so we are not sure if this is completely safe.

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Opera Mini Mobile Store

The Opera browser has a built-in app store for those who can’t afford storage space for a new app store. The best part is that you can downdate any app of which you don’t like the new update simply by installing the old versions from the Opera app store.
Efficient as it is, the store contains apps in apk format so that you can easily share with friends.

There are options for pausing downloads and resuming it easily. It has a rich collection of good apps and is a must-have.


9apps ( needs no introduction. It is the leading app store in the market with uncountable features in hand. It has the biggest collection of apps, videos, music, ringtones and what not. It is the most used and highest rated store and is loved by millions of its users. It has an intelligent technology of personalized recommendations according to your tastes.
Download 9Apps APK for Android from here.

It has a huge collection of themes and that too of different device models. It has a data saver technology through which downloads are smaller and hence faster than ever.

Overall, 9apps is completely safe, bug- free, easy to use and has a large collection of apps. The flawless technology makes 9apps better than all other app stores.

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