Top 5 Modern Wrist Watches

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Watches have come a long way from their origins as gentlemen’s timepieces to a more advanced function. Can you imagine a watch that can track your heartbeat? Or have heat stroke detectors? We’ll show you some of the most unique and authentic watches that you can check out.

But how much do you know about today’s watches? Did you know some watches can have x-ray vision? Or cool watches that you can watch videos from? In the meantime, let’s discover the top 5 modern wristwatches of the decade.

1. Apple Smart Watch

It’s no surprise that Apple’s SmartWatch is on this list. If you love all your Apple products like your Ipad, your iPhone, and so on, then you’ll love their smartwatch! Packed with apps, widgets, and shortcuts, this watch will be a favorite.

It’s almost like an Ipad screen but a smaller version that can fit around your wrist. Could you imagine taking a selfie with your watch? Well, with the Apple SmartWatch, it is achievable. The watch has 1 billion bytes, has a water-resistant rating of 50 meters, and so much more!

2. Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung brings a wide variety of gadgets that could be a competitor of Apple. This 46 mm or 42 mm size Galaxy Gear watch has military standard durability so that you can be more active outside. Water-resistant, lightweight, and can even track your heart rate!

Loaded with a bunch of apps that you can customize, it’s a watch for all. It can recognize voice commands and voice memos. You can also check and write emails, use social media, and more. Although it has no wifi or GPS in the watch, it can be charged through a USB connector.

3. Casio G-Shock Gravity Master

This isn’t your typical Casio watch. With its cool and sleek styling, it looks something like a movie star would wear! This fancy watch is powered by solar energy which means if you expose it to sunlight, you’ll never miss out.

G-Shock Gravity Master watch also has a GPS antenna that you can use when you’re lost in the wilderness. It has a hybrid of GPS and radio technology so that it can set your time wherever you are. It even comes with an LED light and mobile linking using wireless Bluetooth.

4. Polar RS600CX

This multi-sport watch, created by Polar, is something you don’t want to miss. If you’re an athlete or a gym-fanatic, then this watch is definitely for you! It has many functions which include a GPS, a heart monitor, and even a running stride length track.

Polar RS600CX also measures efficiency, checks temperature, left-right balance, and power output. This smartwatch also has a variety of speed and distance functions. Barometric altimeter, bicycle-mounted cyclometer, and so much more for your liking.

5. Tzu Chi Watch

A Japanese company called Harada Industry Co. Ltd has created a watch that can definitely save your life. This popsicle-shaped watch (yes, you read it right!) is a high-tech thermometer that notifies you on how likely it is that you’ll develop a heatstroke.

This watch is a portable heat index that calculates humidity and temperature. With all the data, it determines your possibilities of heatstroke. It then warns you through lighting 5 light levels in the device. With its cute design and its smart ability to push you away from a serious hazard, this Tzu Chi watch is for you.

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All these watches are only some of the advancements that are present in our world today. There are watches with x-ray vision, 300 world clocks, and so much more that you can enjoy. Who could’ve thought we could arrive at this?

Watches are only some of the gadgets that shifted to a more modern setting. Computers, robots, cars, and so on have definitely improved and we are thankful for it. How could we not with how much it made our lives much easier? So with these watches, enjoy shopping!

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