Trade Show Technology Trends

trade show technology trends

In this article I am going to highlight the trade show technology trends that you simply cannot afford to miss this year. I believe it’s going to be particularly useful for business owners and marketing gurus who’s goal it is to maximize ROI.

Why Are Trade Shows So Effective?

I am going to show you how to build a strong presence at industry trade shows. A recent survey reveals that more than 80% of the B2B marketers and salespeople across the USA say find trade shows to be very effective. According to POSQuote.Com, trade show pos is becoming very popular among vendors.

This is because they bring a bevy of vendors together under one roof. Moreover, over ninety percent of the attendees say that being at a trade show impacts their buying decisions in a positive way. That’s what happens when your target audience is shopping in real time.

But there are some more importantly reasons why exactly trade shows are such an effective marketing strategy. On the one hand, exhibiting your best products is a great way to engage an audience. On the other hand, the rapidly advancing technology means the very nature of trade shows is changing with each passing year. 

Marketers now have more tools at their disposal to engage their target customers with. Here are some of the hottest trade show technology trends that you need to be aware of.

Customer-friendly Design

Starting with the above mentioned fundamentals, the first impressions that you create in your potential customers are everything. 

You really want your pavilion or stand to make grab the attention of the attendees as soon as they see it. But to achieve this you need something more than just about having a flashy design. Rather, you want your stand to appeal to the potential customer’s feelings and imagination.

Everything about the booth design should be centered around your customers’ needs. 

Every aspect of your display area should work together towards a common goal: to make it clear to the potential customers how your products or services will benefit their business. 

In 2019, we’ve seen new fabrics and textures that create an aesthetically pleasing booth appearance. This is well complemented by some 3D mapping technology and texturised graphic displays that make the best use of natural materials such as wood. 

In other words, the latest trends call for a human-centric pavilion experience. So, you stop worrying about square footage and numbers of demo stations. Instead, ask yourself if you are giving the best possible experience to your guests. 

The Japanese are very serious about it. There, humanoid robots welcome the visitors and make the overall trade show experience unforgettable.

Multi-sensory experiences

Playing off the first trend, business owners and marketers are realizing that they aren’t limited to engaging visitors merely by sights and sounds. There are five senses in total, and it’s time that trade-show marketers appealed to all of them. The goal is to get people connecting with your brand, and according to the Harvard Business Review, amplifying the sensory qualities of your exhibit is the perfect way to do so.

So it’s smart for trade show marketers to avoid monotonous presentations in favor of unique lighting design, touch-panel interfaces, gamification, interactive displays, etc. And don’t ignore the power of scent marketing , as the human nose has hundreds more receptors than the eye and ear, so to ignore the power of scent is to turn your back on a crucial tool. To this end, consider embedding and dispensing attractive scents to capture the attention of visitors passing by your booth.

Focus on comfort

For too long marketers have focused almost exclusively on how to wow trade-show visitors that they’ve forgotten the one thing that appeals to everyone regardless of demographic: comfort. Consider that it can be exhausting spending all day at a trade-show, and most folks want a brief respite from all that walking. Exhibitors who implement lounge areas are finding success at getting people into their booth and having them stay there for extended periods of time. This is a perfect opportunity for the floor staff to give the visitors their sales pitch. 

Even savvier is that lately marketers have been adding charging stations along with comfy lounge chairs. Think about it: every public space, be it an airport or shopping mall, with a charging station that is always full. Adding public USB ports to your booth plays off this convenience and will surely bring in many eager visitors. 

Virtual reality

In regards to technology trends, there are few bigger buzzwords right now than “VR.” Interestingly enough, it’s generating quite the buzz in the trade-show world as well. That’s because it’s adept at drawing a person in and fully engaging their senses with a presentation. 2018 is all about virtual reality, due in large part to the fact this multi-sensory gem is more accessible than ever before. It’s no longer a niche bit of tech shown off at CES—now anyone can use it.

More to the point: studies show that 53% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that uses VR than one that doesn’t. This is because, to the typical prospect, you’re showing that your brand is at the forefront of technology in a rapidly changing world. The best thing is that there are a number of VR platforms out there to suit any budget, so cost shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, you can have VR app Google Cardboard for as little as 10 dollars. 

This gives your booth visitors a chance to interact with your brand far beyond just a casual conversation with a sales rep at a trade show. Check out how Intel set up their booth to give their trade show visitors an experience that would surely stand out from the rest. 

The science of light

10 years ago the notion of utilising flat-screen TVs in your trade-show booth to enhance presentations was considered cutting edge. But as technology advances no longer is it sufficient to restrict your message to a single screen. Nowadays you can transform the entire space using a targeted focus of light. There is indeed a science to light and shadow, and marketers who understand this stand the best chance of presenting their product effectively.

 Utilizing unique lighting elements can also be a powerful tool to direct visitors to specific displays or products. For example, dimming lights is not a new technique. However, Samsung wowed audiences at CES 2018 with an effective use of black color scheme enhanced by downlights and various monitors throughout. Then there’s 3D projection mapping, which allows you to transform a space using light and projectors. 


Want to turn a wall of your booth into a 3D video image? Done. Want to project a personalized image on a prop, statue, or another surface? No problem. The possibilities are endless—you just need to be creative.


All of the trends mentioned above portend exciting advances and changes in the trade show space. But never forget the fundamentals, those simple rules upon which we build our success as exhibitors. Make sure your sales staff is communicating your message clearly and effectively. Most importantly, have a follow-up plan in place so the second a potential customer exits your booth, you’re already nurturing that lead via post-show follow-ups.

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