The Ultimate Guide To ICO Marketing

ICO Marketing

You dream of making your idea big. You are a smart and enterprising entrepreneur with great business talents.

We are in an age where great ideas don’t need decades to mature. With avenues like initial coin offering (ICO), people are often spared from tedious endeavours.

If you are on the same page and want to learn great tips for ICO Marketing, look no further, jump right in. With insider tips, you can leverage the best for your project.

Ultimate tips for great ICO Marketing:

Importance of a great website

The first impression that your website creates on your investors is crucial. Investors should realize your genuine potential to make your project grow and prosper.

There should be all salient information posted on your website. Maintain helpful links to all critical documents.

When you take pain to call out features of your initial coin offering on your website, it creates an impact. Be sure to include ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ pages.

Post creating your website, you must market it. Catchy infographics and promotions on your offer are some services you can take from professional marketers. Also read this great article on “Your ICO Website: What You Need to Build“.

Acquire the trust of investors through whitepapers

You should convince through your whitepapers how investors are promised great gains from your coins. Some highlights to be captured in whitepaper are:

  • How your company or idea stands out from competitors?
  • How and who will be benefited by your company?
  • How are you planning to make it big?
  • How much capital do you need?
  • How is the token allowance distributed?
  • What are some typical society benefits?
  • About your team.

Consider PPC and SEO for your initial coin offering 

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are popular yet restrictive ways to promote a service. With many bans coming up PPC is becoming difficult but doable.

Search Engine Optimization is of supreme importance. You would definitely want your ICO to be listed at the top of search results. SEO is the only way to get an organic reach.

There are professional agencies also that help you with SEO optimization.


Influencer marketing and social media communities

There are many bloggers and Youtuber’s who have gained immense popularity and have large crowds following them. If you can catch hold of the right person and have them promote your offering, you will be benefited. This is the idea of influencer marketing.

There are many social media cryptocurrency communities, groups and pages. Become an active member of these forums and participate with enthusiasm. Your energy to set your offering unique should attract potential loyal investors.

Newsletters and email marketing

Sending bulk emails with attractive newsletters is another great way to lure in investors. You must first try to collect relevant addresses, which can be done when users subscribe on your website.

This can work when investors can refer their acquaintances further boosting your reach.

Consider bounty programs

Bounty programs played an important role in many successful ICO marketing strategies. Providing bounty incentives and rewards have been proven to be an effective way to get investor interest pre-ICO, also to keep stakeholders engaged after the offering.

There is also increased use of airdropping, the giving away of free tokens. This is an ICO marketing method that must be handled with care.

Don’t overdo giving away too many or too few tokens, because if you do, you risk not optimizing a popular method of marketing. Giving away too many tokens, you are at risk of your project being seen as a scam.

The participants for bounty programs are spread across various stages of an ICO and range from investors to ICO promoters and developers. The incentives can take the form of cash rewards and free or discounted tokens which can be cashed in later when the tokens are listed on an exchange.


We have compiled authoritative content to help you in your effort for initial coin offering marketing. These tips are written with much attention to streamline the process. An iterative involvement on your part will further help you.

We would be much obliged to hear from you! We value your comments and look forward to it. Do write back and we will address them at the earliest.


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