How To Use An Email Signature For Marketing Purposes


Using your Email Signature for sending not only companies email but also your personal emails can make a huge difference in marketing, it is a perfect avenue to promote your brand in each of hundreds and thousands of emails sent out on a constant basis every day.

It is quite simple to use Email signature for marketing purpose but you have to do the thinking work to finally come-up with an Email Signature which you can actually use to represent your Brand/company.

What to do and what not to do

A professional email signature reflects company’s credibility and trust, it easily promotes a brand. Whether you are the owner of the company or the manager everyone must have their email signature representing their company and their title to win the trust of clients and stand out in the crowd.

Every different department in the company should be given their unique Email Signature not the most common email signature and unusual fonts which sure does looks good but it makes the organization look very inadequate.

Keep it simple

The key elements in an email signature are your name, title, company’s name, address and phone number, do not include your email address as it is unsuitable and unnecessary. let’s now learn how to make email signature in step number 3 of our how to use email signature for marketing purposes.

Make your Own Email Signature

Using free tools on the internet you can create your own email signature by adding your personal details (name and title) company details (address and phone number) and your photo or background graphics whichever you think is the best, also it is very much necessary to include the link to your company’s social media for marketing of your business.

If you do not have an email signature try this free tool to create one or you can create it by yourself.

Using Email signature for marketing

Balancing your content is very much important the email signature should not be looking like a dirty kitchen where everything is out of place, include white spaces where needed to separate different elements of the signature, Bold the Name and other important details to catch the viewers’ attention.

Make sure to use the company’s social media links icon like the google+, Instagram or Facebook business page that does help in marketing. Sharing companies’ information below the email signature is also a great way for marketing, for example, some companies use email signature as platform to share announcements of their new product or post or any awards that they have gotten recently as you can see in the picture below

Add call to action button

Beyond adding announcements and social media icons in your email signature you can also add a tagline or you could provide a link to your new blog or post to get more traffic and catch viewers’ attention. Also, check these good examples of email signatures on ZippySig.


Keeping everything simple yet providing all the necessary important information to clients through email signature can be a huge step towards marketing of your business feel free to use and jam all the ideas to create a very simple yet professional email signature.

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