How to use Tor Browser

tor browser

The amount of scrutiny faced by employees at offices, students at schools/colleges or by people at government agencies has resorted them to switch over to being anonymous while surfing over the network. While a number of private browsers provide people with the option to surf the internet anonymously such as the incognito mode for the Google Chrome browser, InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge and Private Browsing mode in Firefox, people are resorting to for other ways to go complete anonymous on the world wide web.

This is because while such browsers prevent others from accessing your browsing history, they could not prevent ISP from monitoring the websites you have visited. This is where the Tor Browser differentiates itself from its competition. The Tor (The Orion Router) network was originally developed by the US Navy for inter-communication and is now being used by countless Web users across the globe for protecting their privacy.

What is Tor Browser?

Currently, the Tor deep web browser is a computer network which is run by volunteers from across the globe. Each of this Tor Browser volunteer runs a relay from their end, which is basically a software-aided computer allowing users to connect to the Tor network and to the internet. Before you open the internet on your device browser, Tor will connect to several different relays at the same time to make it difficult for the tracking websites and agencies to determine your true identity. Most of the users use the Tor Browser to access deep web and dark web through their devices.

How to Use Tor Browser?

For people looking on How to use Tor on their devices, firstly, you need to download a suitable Tor browser bundle to your device. You can download this Tor browser bundle from a number of websites across the internet. However, it is highly recommended that you get the latest authentic files from their own website, You can choose from multiple languages such as English, Dutch, Vietnamese and more for your Bundle. You can learn more about how to use Tor below:

  1. Download Tor Browser Bundle: Head over to, select your desired language and operating system and download the bundle to their device. Windows users can directly launch the Tor file from the location where they have downloaded it to while Mac users would have to double-click on the download Tor file to open a .dmg image. Drag this image file to Applications folder to launch the file.
  2. Launching Tor Browser: Next up on how to use Tor browser, you need to successfully download and verify the Bundle before launching the application. You don’t need to actually install the Tor deep web Browser to use it which is the reason why many users prefer to use the application off a pen drive rather than keeping it on their hard disk drive. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the bundle and search for Start Tor Browser shortcut within the folder. Alternatively, you can also launch the application from the command line.
  3. Connecting to Tor Network: Once you have launched the Tor, the browser will automatically try to establish a connection to the network. The whole process will be initiated automatically when you launch the browser. Wait for few minutes for Tor to establish a secure connection depending upon your browsing speed. The status screen while disappear and the actual browser will launch within a few seconds of establishing the connection.
  4. Browsing via Tor Browser: Once the connection is established, you will get the main browser window on your screen. You can use this browser for your Internet browsing. None of the incoming or outgoing traffic you generate through the browser could be easily tracked as it will be routed through the Tor Network, making your browsing experience relatively safe and anonymous. Now you are ready for download torrents, movies, videos and any other things without leaving any footprints.

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Features of Tor Browser

Tor Browser not only helps by keeping you off the track while you are surfing the internet, it also provides you with a host of new features with the help of the Tor button. The Tor button is a unique functionality added to the browser which allows you to modify the security and proxy settings for your Tor Browser. Additionally, it also helps to provide you a new IP address to surf the internet. The various button options available on Tor button are listed below:

  1. New Identity: This feature allows you the Tor Browser to provide you with a completely new, random IP Address for the current Tor connection. You would require restarting your browser for the desired effect to take place.
  2. New Tor Circuits: The New Tor Circuits saves you the hassle of restarting your browser every time you want a new identity by creating a new network circuit for you on the current tab.
  3. Security and Privacy Settings: You can access all the third-party cookie behavior, private browsing mode, prevent of plugins from running, and other security settings from this option. You can also adjust the security level for your Tor Browser using a slider from Low to High.
  4. New Settings: The Tor Network Settings options provide you with the capability to configure your own firewall and proxy settings for the browser. You can also copy the log files from Tor to your clipboard through this option.
  5. Browser Update Option: This option helps you in ensuring that you are running Tor Browser’s latest version, complete with all updates.
The Bottom Line

The Tor Browser allows the user to surf the internet anonymously without anyone tracking their data. Usually, users use the Tor Browser to browse deep web and dark web across the internet. These websites are not easily accessible from a normal internet browser and require special authorization and connections to be established before using them. Tor browser establishes such connections beforehand while connecting to the Tor network during the initialization phase. You can find all the information you need on how to use Tor above.

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