What Is VPN & Why Do We Need It?


With internet becoming an indispensable part of our life, online security and data privacy has snowballed into a major talking point across the globe. Hence today online protection and data theft are no more considered as a trivial or fringe issue. It has become a mainstream issue that is even shaping the political discourse in several developed countries. This heightened concern over online privacy has once again underscored the importance of VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Although VPN technology is almost as old as the internet itself, many are still not aware about the important role that this technology can play in securing our online data against theft and hackers. VPN technology is basically a security tunnel between your device (PC, smartphone, tablet etc.) and the internet network known as server. This security tunnel establishes an encrypted connection that stifles any attempt by hackers and snoopers to get any possible unauthorized access to your data.

VPN in many ways can be compared with your computer firewall. Just as firewall protects your P.C and laptop against unauthorized access by hackers, VPN performs the same critical function with regards to your online data.

Since the value of online data has increased phenomenally over the years, the demand for the best VPN services has not surprisingly skyrocketed. It has now almost become a necessity that can’t be compromised nor ignored.

Below we’ve shed light on why do we need a VPN and how it really makes our online lot more secure and safe.

Protection of your Business Data: With online business data traveling in a breathtaking speed in today’s fast paced globalized world, VPN is aptly providing the necessary security net to ensure complete protection of your business data. Once the VPN is activated you never have to worry about your competitors or government agencies eavesdropping your precious and sensitive data. This unparalleled security of your data remains fully intact even while you are travelling or accessing your business data at a public Wi-Fi area.

Remote access: VPN can help to unlock your company’s productivity by allowing employees complete access to all the critical information/data even from the remotest location. Your employees may be sitting in their home or operating from far across the country, VPN will ensure dissemination of all the important information through its safe tunnel.

Enjoy the internet without restriction: VPN gives you the gateway to overcome the cruel world of censorship and restriction by giving unhindered access to geo-blocked websites. However, netizens must bear the responsibility of not using these blocked websites for promoting any anti-social or anti-national activities. If popular trend is anything to go by then most people use VPN to unblock entertainment websites like Netflix & Hulu and not websites that promote unwanted social activities.

Online anonymity: VPN can not only mask but also change your IP address altogether. Hence no service provider will be able to detect your exact geographical location and thereby completely camouflaging your online identity.

Feel safe on any device: The unparalleled security offered by VPN is not bounded to conventional devices like PC and laptop alone. VPN technology offers comprehensive protection by covering even modern gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Therefore VPN guarantees your online security on virtually all devices.

Exceptional online experience: VPN technology offers an online experience that can only be labeled as exceptional. An online experience that is marked with complete absence of censorship & restriction as well as 100% protection of your online data. A utopian experience that is made easily possible by VPN.

Types of VPN:

Although there are several types of VPN protocols, three most common and predominant protocols are as follows:

PPTP: PPTP is one of the oldest VPN protocols but today is rapidly losing popularity due to its unreliable security.

L2TP/IPsec: L2TP/IPsec offers more enhanced security features and is therefore generally considered comparatively safer than PPTP. It lays out two protocols wherein L2TP protocol is used to create a tunnel and IPsec provides a secure channel. Experts claim that this dual protocol paves way for comprehensive security measures.

Open VPN: OpenVPN is an SSL-based VPN protocol and is fast gaining popularity. Apart from cutting edge security, its increasing popularity is lot to with the fact it is a open source software and is freely available.


VPN technology offers some conclusive solutions amid the raging debate over cybersecurity and online data theft. Critics may argue that these solutions are laced with serious loopholes but the fact that VPN promotes enhancement of online security simply cannot be denied. Today millions of netizens and corporates are able to redefine their online experience with the help of unprecedented security that VPN offers. This technology will hopefully improve further in coming years to eradicate some of the pressing concerns that critics keep raising time and again.

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