Android Or iOS : Which One To Choose

Deciding whether to buy a Android or iOS phone is always a tricky question depending on your budget & preferences.There is no doubt in the fact that Android controls a large part of the market mainly due to the large variety and number of devices that are on offer. On the other hand, Apple has also been able to maintain a good share of the market.

Here are some key insights which will help you in deciding which one would be better for you.

User Interface

Both android & iOS smartphones offer a touch screen interface which is very easy to use and convenient to users. The users are now trained to use their fingers as pointing devices which makes things very easy for them.

Software Upgrades

iOS enjoys some advantages in this area since the software upgrades are available on majority of devices. Due to a large number of manufacturers for Android smartphones it becomes difficult in Android to get updates on all hardwares.

Apps Market

Android offers a larger market for mobile apps on Google Play mainly due to the flexibility and freedom it provides to the developers. This also results in better quality apps on the iOS platform.

Price Factor

Majority of android phones are much cheaper than the iPhones. Although, Apple has been trying to reduce the prices for iPhones but the quality & hardware cost still make it a little costlier than android.

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Final Words

Both android & iOS are very good and stable Operating System (OS). Android is definitely a bit cheap and iOS always looks pretty and polished. There are many factors to consider when you want to choose a phone for you and we hope that this article might have given some idea to you. Do write to us if you have any suggestions & inputs on the above article.

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