Why AMP integration is important on your business website?

Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP

AMP, or better known as Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source venture that is designed to make page loading faster of blogs, articles, and product pages. When clicked on the search results of Google search engine, they usually appear at the top of the result page. Although we cannot measure the exact location where these AMP articles will appear, we do know that when multiple sites submit their latest content to AMP, they have an enhanced click-through-rate. They are just like any other search result component and as a matter of fact, you might have clicked multiple AMPs without even knowing.

AMP always have a certain site proficiencies. Websites that submit new posts, content, blogs and any other information or content on any platform have a better chance at generating accelerated mobile pages.

Advantages of integrating AMP to your website

AMP is one of the best ways to achieve more clicks on your website via organic searches. AMP articles always appear on the top of Google organic searches. This means more impressions, clicks and subsequently more sales. The other major benefit of AMP integration is that article pages load faster than any conventional mean.

A good blog is always the one with healthy infographics, high-quality relevant images, outbound and internal links, and rich relevant content. But these protocols also make page loading slower. With AMP integration, your pages can load faster and your audience won’t bounce back. This is a great way to gain an advantage over your competition. There are many more ways to earn money online apart from blogging, check them here.

For example, you are engaged in an online travel agency business. If you want your content on a specific keyword such as ‘Flights to Copenhagen from London’ to rank at the top and load faster, AMP is the best way to do so.

Important things to know about AMP before integration

It is imperative to know that AMP is not for pages, but for blog posts, articles, news, portfolios, features and etc. A content integrated with AMP is also exposed to most design HTML, so the post is basically plain images and text, which makes it lighter and easy to customize and load. You can also make use of multiple brand colors to enhance the quality and attractiveness of any post. You can add a fallback image for good degree.

It is also important to know that AMP articles always direct to google.com. Although you can easily track them with your domain, you should know that AMP articles always click back to google.com. AMP also cannot integrate with your website automatically. So you need to set it up and organize your site’s code to offer new content for AMP integration.

There is always a motive behind everything and for the adoption of AMP integration, Google has a monetization goal. An open source campaign always requires such approaches from a well-reputed search engine like Google. It makes sure that ad monetization is effective and user-centric. For the set-ups and integration, businesses can enjoy the support of an inclusive range of ad formats, networks, and latest tech innovation to make sure that AMP ads are fast, persuasive, safe and competent for all users.

Online businesses should always determine the uplift of any venture from the early adoption of latest features of AMP pages. They should also research the implications if they don’t opt for it.

How does AMP work?

AMP is coded in Hypertext Markup Language. But it is also provided a limited set of technical functionality, better known as stripped HTML. The resolution of this format is to set up priorities so that it can speed up the process for the benefit of users. A fast and rapid experience will serve all the Google’s monetization goals.

AMP files are lighter than ordinary files, so they can be cached in the cloud memory easily. It also reduces the time of content display as it is already cached in a cloud. You can choose from a variety of cloud services that are available in the market. Moreover, Google is also committed to offering a worldwide cache system at no actual cost. But providers have to build their own cache.

With such importance in the ever-changing and growing world of digital marketing, it is essential to move with the flow and try to stay ahead of the competition by any means possible. So we highly recommend you to stay in touch with the modern Search Engine trends and try to rank higher than your competition for better chances of success. AMP integration is a good way to start up another venture in online marketing. Progress with it and enjoy new success.

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