WordPress Vs Blogger : Your Blogging Platform

There are many online tools on offer for blogging. But WordPress & Blogger platform stand out from the lot and are the most preferred option among the users.

Ease Of Use & Control

Blogger is a very easy to use platform but offers you limited tools to control the blog. On the other hand, WordPress is a open source software and provides you with many features to customise the look and feel of your website.

Themes & Appearance

Blogger provides a limited set of templates but WordPress offers a wide range of templates which can be customised as per your requirement. You will find templates for almost every type of website.

Bloggers platform is easy to start with but limits you in terms of functionalities & SEO benefits.


Both the platforms are really good. Blogger is quite easy and has no technical hassles but limits you in terms of functionalities. On the other hand, WordPress offers lot of powers and customisations. The choice totally depends on your personal like and your requirement.

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