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How To Use WhatsApp On Web | Web WhatsApp QR Code Hack

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms these days. WhatsApp connects people from all parts of the world and is almost used daily by millions

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Smallest cell phones to buy in 2019

If you believe great things do come in small packages, you need to take a look at our collection of compact smart phones that are making

Budget Smartphone For Travel

The Budget Smartphone for Travel

Traveling has far gone out of the hands of a tour guide and sightseeing and has become a challenge to explore, discover and capture. However,


POCO F1: A Rising Star in the 20k Smartphone Galaxy

With the mobile gaming community in focus, Xiaomi recently launched the POCO F1 in the 20k category with impressive top-end specifications and a compelling price


Do You Need Multiple Cameras In Your Phone?

Shopping for a new mobile phone can be a complicated business. With all those specs numbers and tech lingo, knowing exactly what you’re getting can

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Taking a critical look at the way technology has helped everyone within a few years back, we’ll realize that it has positively affected so many


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