How to Extract PDF Pages with Able2Extract Professional

extract pdf pages

Nowadays, everyone has to deal with PDF documents. Regardless of your line of work, you probably have a message or two with an attached PDF waiting in your inbox every morning. Usually, we only have to view certain information in those documents and never bother with them again, but sometimes

Do You Need Multiple Cameras In Your Phone?


Shopping for a new mobile phone can be a complicated business. With all those specs numbers and tech lingo, knowing exactly what you’re getting can be tough. One of the biggest recent trends on the mobile market is that of dual (or in some cases even triple like in the

Why AMP integration is important on your business website?

Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP

AMP, or better known as Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source venture that is designed to make page loading faster of blogs, articles, and product pages. When clicked on the search results of Google search engine, they usually appear at the top of the result page. Although we cannot measure

Recover Photos from SD Cards With Disk Drill Software


We all have lost important files at some point in time and it really hurts!  It’s even frustrating when others give you lectures on how you messed up. Although, backups are important if you don’t have a backup then this article is going to be of great help to you. We will

The evolution of crime – The Internet & Cybercriminals


When considering a crime, we traditionally think of bank robberies, knife attacks, theft and other physical activities. Traditional crime is becoming eclipsed however as we see a sharp rise in a new age threat – cybercrimes. Cyber crimes are illegal activities that are carried out digitally through the internet or