3 Ways to Remove Photos from LG Phones


LG phones have been serving countless customers for the past decade with its auspicious features and remarkable sight capturing designs. Thus it is quite obvious for users to fall for it instantly. Now suppose you are capturing images with your LG phone, the images that are stored in your LG

The evolution of crime – The Internet & Cybercriminals


When considering crime, we traditionally think of bank robberies, knife attacks, theft and other physical activities. Traditional crime is becoming eclipsed however as we see a sharp rise in a new age threat – cybercrimes. Cyber crimes are illegal activities that are carried out digitally through the internet or other

How to Convert Videos to iOS Format to Watch on iPhone & iPad

Convert Videos To IOS Format To Watch On IPhone & IPad

  The AppStore is full of free video players nowadays. Some of them are made to reproduce a particular video format, while other can play the most popular video formats. It seems easy just to download a player and import a video into it. But apps often vanish from the AppStore,


Virtual Private Network

A Virtuаl Privаtе Nеtwоrk, or VPN, is a wау оf using thе Internet tо рrоvidе rеmоtе uѕеrѕ with ѕесurе ассеѕѕ to their network. Data iѕ ѕсrаmblеd as it'ѕ sent thrоugh thе Intеrnеt еnѕuring privacy. In other words, a buѕinеѕѕ whiсh mау be lосаtеd in Nеw York саn uѕе thе company's

How to Save Battery on Android


As more and more devices are manufactured without a removable battery - I’m looking at you Samsung - there is an increasing need to get the most juice out of your mAhs! Today I’ll go over some simple tips to improve the battery life of your Android phone or tablet.

Download AZ Screen Recorder Pro APK For Android


Forget the days when we needed to struggle just to record our screen, I remember days when I had to spend 7 hrs just to get an appropriate way to record my Android Screen. It was a nightmare but not anymore. If you are like me who is struggling to

Top 5 App Stores


There must be instances where your default Play Store is not satisfying you with the best ever features that you want. They might not have many apps what are available to your friends app stores. In this case you can use any of the following stores. AMAZON APPSTORE The Amazon app store

Download SixAxis Controller APK


It seems like we are in the future and mobility is the extreme necessity these days but with mobility comes compromise especially for the gamers like us. We want to play games on our cell phones without compromising anything, without any lag or delay but the primary problem with mobile